Why study at BUFT?

BUFT is growing progressively upholding the sprits of its oath "Excellence Through Education" in order to contribute to the development of the business and technological sectors of Bangladesh.

Programs offered are updated continuously by an independent academic council consisting of scholars from renowned academic institutions of the country and are based on curricula of North American Universities.

Graduates produced are much sought after and employed by the corporate sectors of the country.

Expand Your Horizons (Fall - 2024)

Tailor your studies to your interests and aspirations. Explore your options—from practical co-ops to research-intensive graduate and undergraduate programs. It's your path to discover.

We attract people from around the country who share our ideals and vision for positive change. We believe in embracing challenges and taking action. We are where imagination and action collide.

Do you want to develop yourself? If yes, join a degree program at BUFT.

BUFT has already been recognized as one of the top ten Universities of Bangladesh in terms of providing quality education and preparation of graduates equipped to meet the challenges of globalization of business in 21st Century. BUFT now aims not only to be the best university in the country but also to be the best in the South Asian region by providing quality education.

Within next five years, BUFT aims to be among the top three of the combined list of public and private universities of Bangladesh. BUFT is committed to emphasize on all possible performance measuring matrices including empirical research, international visibility, volume of the scholarly documents created and published, size and impact of the web presence, etc.

Strategic Plan & Goals

Feel free to browse the detail of our initiatives and strategic plan.

Our Plan in Action

Our initiatives make BUFT a national leader in strategic planning. Their execution charts a course to success for the entire campus community.


Our strategic plan sets five bold goals for BUFT: boosting student success, funding faculty and infrastructure, spurring interdisciplinary work, imbuing a commitment to excellence and pursuing local and global partnerships.

(Last update on 30/11/2023)