BUFT has formed several committees which are professional bodies dedicated to the social, psychological, ethical and cognitive development and well-being of all BUFT students. The committees in collaboration with fellow BUFT students works to implement the university’s educational and developmental mission. In addition, the committees look after all club activities, foundation classes, orientation of newly admitted students, psychosocial support.

The committees through different clubs organize trainings on positive behavioral changes, national-international collaboration programs, award programs, and lecture series.

BUFT Apparel Club

Apparel Club is the departmental club of the department of Apparel Manufacturing & Technology. From its inception it has been constantly working towards the knowledge and skill development of the students of AMT. Its goal remains to train and skill the students of AMT and AMM through interactive sessions, group discussion, seminars, expert workshops and other extracurricular activities.

As we know besides the degree, soft skills play an important role in the career development of a student, therefore, at times the club arranges many different skill-development sessions including- interactive sessions with Alumni, Career Development Seminars, Workshops on Machine Learning, Workshop on CV Writing and many other activities. The club also arranges sessions on preparation for higher studies abroad.

BUFT Business Club

BUFT Business Club, formed on April 20, 2015, aims to make the business students more capable in a multi dimensional way in today’s competitive world.

Specific goal is to promote leadership and entrepreneurship of ingenious students. The Club works with the all phases of business to demonstrate and practice the professional, leadership as well as management skills of the students under the proficient supervision of impeccably competent moderators.

In order to introduce the students to practical job life, to enhance their knowledge and to resurrect them from their busy student life this club arranges study tour as well as organizes various types of business related workshops and seminars on regular basis. BUFT Business Club always brings up programs which help the students become skillful and competitive, hence prepare them for the challenging job market.

BUFT Cultural Club

BUFT Cultural Club is devoted to uphold the cultural heritage of the country through various cultural activities like music, drama, recitation and dance, etc.

The club ensures cultural integrity and healthy cultural environment at BUFT as well as in national level. It exchanges cultural views, norms and traditions among different cultural communities of home and abroad.

BUFT Cultural Club always try to protect indigenous cultural heritage and stands against cultural imperialism.

Moreover, BUFT Cultural Club develops the moral standard of the students through various socio-cultural activities.

BUFT Drama Club

With art dripping from the walls, colours stretching the whole spectrum, and an interior vivid enough to bewilder even the most creative minds, Drama is a clubbing experience like no other.

It is for those who seek to thrill and shock, those who aren’t afraid to speak their minds or express themselves, those who drip irresistible confidence.

BUFT Drama Club runs for 12 weeks a semester, with a week off for semester break. Each semester, groups will work toward putting on their own version of either a well-known play or another classic work of literature or a folklore tale and will culminate with a show for family and friends in week 12 (before semester ends).

The club aims to introduce students to interesting stories and characters in an imaginative and unique way. As well as developing their performance skills, we seek to inspire students to read in full the stories they are rehearsing and also research the issues, settings and historical context of the works.

BUFT Rover Scout Group

BUFT Rover Scout Group is one of the best and prestigious rover scout groups in Bangladesh. It has been playing an important role in the development and expansion of the scout movement in the country. It also has been playing a key role in various disciplinary and voluntary activities of the university. This group has been established on 24 th April, 2016.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of world Scouting is "to contribute to the education of young people through a value system based on the scout promise and law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society ".

Camps / Campaigns:

BUFT Rover Scout Group has taken part in various camps and campaigns of scout movement and received wide attention and praises by all.

BUFT Leo Club

The Largest Leo Club in Bangladesh The Leo Club of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, is a place where you can find both self-improvement and self-satisfaction. This club has more than 350 members.Our aim is to create leadership among every member.

"Leadership, experience, opportunity." These three combine to form an ideal Leo. The only Leo in Bangladesh Leo Club of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, the Largest Leo Club in Bangladesh, has been awarded( 2019-2020) the most prestigious Leo Club Excellence Award by Lions Clubs International. It is a great privilege to be a member of this club.

We do service programs for self-satisfaction and we do various kinds of workshops, competitions for self-improvement. Our Leo Club did not sit still when the whole country was out of order during the Corona period, we did 146+ service programs that year. Every year there are different types of competitions in our club, through which we get different types of certificates. These certificates play an important role for us in the job sector. In addition, each member of our club receives an International Certificate that you can use in your home country or abroad. In a word, Leo Club is a place full of self-development and self-satisfaction.

Our Club Charter Date Is : 25th July 2019
Charter No : 139372
Our Club Sponsored By: Lions Club Of Dhaka Kings
District 315A1,Bangladesh
Lions Clubs International.
BUFT Debating Club

BUFT Debating Club is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in BUFT. The following are few achievements of the club:

  • BDC become Champion in ATN Bangla Public Parliament National Debate Champion in 2013 - 14, Organized by Debate for Democracy.
  • BDC become Champion in Inter-University National Debate Competition in 2015 - 16, Organized by BUFT debate Club.
  • BDC become Champion in Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Debate in 2016, Organized by Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment and Debate for Democracy.
  • BUFT participated in friendly Debate against Jagannat University on Victory Day Debate in 2016, Organized by ATN Bangla and Debate for Democracy.
  • BUFT Debate team members became Champion in Bangladesh Youth Leadership Program in 2016.
  • BUFT Debate team became Champion in TIB Debate in 2016.

The mission of BUFT Debating Club, is to encourage and facilitate the acquisition and refinement of public speaking skills by its students. The club endeavors to stretch the university debating experience for its members through participating in debates both on campus, nationwide and abroad. With students from all faculties and departments, this club prospers on the unique standpoints and contributions that each of its members bring forward.

Debate Club
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BUFT Debating Club builds valuable public speaking, critical thinking and argumentation skills in its members. Members of this club practice these skills in weekly debates on a wide variety of current issues. Participating in debate makes its members more confident speakers, teaches them to analyze issues quickly and effectively, and makes them more informed about the world around.

The gateway of this club is open for all its students. Any student esteems to be argumentative, rational and presentable on way of turning to be a person with challenging career and strong personality.

BUFT English Club

BUFT English Club has been a very popular and successful club in its activities and objectives. The main objective of this club is to make students fluent in English. The club arranges different kinds of chat sessions, public speaking sessions and workshops. Although the club is moderated by Department of English, it is open for all students.

This club arranges programs like drama show giving students of different departments a chance to play roles. Most popular plays are staged, however, students coming up with their own play are always encouraged.

The club in collaboration with British Council organizes programs like writing skills and reading session. Students coming up with extra-ordinary writing and reading skills are rewarded certificates and crests.

BUFT Fashion Design Club

The purpose of the BUFT Fashion Design Club is to act as a resource for anyone interested in fashion and/or fashion design on campus.

The club’s goal is to educate members and share ideas in fashion design, pattern-making, garment construction and show production. Although fashion design encompasses a large variety of disciplines, the club will not participate in activities related to textile, knitting and apparel.

By discussing designs and demonstrating methods of putting a complete garment together, the club will help students who plan to pursue a career in the fashion industry as well as those who design clothing as a hobby. With that ultimate goal in mind, club members will be able to gain experience in fashion design by working with each other, as well as teach basic sewing skills to the BUFT students.

The BUFT Fashion Design Club intends to achieve its purpose through designing and constructing garments, studying sewing and fashion magazines, watching footage of fashion shows, holding fashion-related events, and organizing trips to see fashion exhibits or shows.

BUFT Knitwear Club (BKC)

Despite the name, KMT club is not limited to knitting; both crochet-centered and knit-centered matters are a part of it.

While knitting has never gone away completely, this latest reincarnation is less about the make-do and mend of the available knits, and more about making a statement about individuality and developing a sense of community.

KMT club aims to fulfill many purposes: to get together with other knitters, to learn or develop the skills of hand knitting or hand crocheting.

The club also creates excellent opportunities for the members to propagate practical knowledge through arranging seminars and workshops where Speakers/Lecturers from different industries are invited.

Although the club is moderated by Department of KMT, it is open for all students.

KMT Club

Members meet to exchange ideas about projects, chat about their lives, exchange yarns and yarn ideas for projects, or non-craft related activities. The club provide an atmosphere where new members can seek assistance from more experienced ones.

BUFT Photography Club

Photography is not limited to within a section of people anymore, in fact it has been very common and popular in our society. You can take snaps or selfies anytime using your handset and share it on Facebook or Instagram or send it to your near and dear ones within seconds.

BUFT Photography Club has been creating awareness of different dimensions of photography as relates pleasure and professionalism among the students. The club motivates students to learn and share new ideas and techniques with fellows with similar interest and imaginative power through cine and photography. The inspires students to capture every memorable moment. It instigates students so that that every photographic task reflects our real life. Also, the club emphasizes high degree of aesthetic sense be reflected in photography works.

BUFT Photography club

BUFT Photography Club has arranged and participated in quite a good number of exhibitions, workshops and film festivals.

Sports Club BUFT
BUFT Sports Club

Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health. The benefits of sport reach beyond the impact on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport should not be under-estimated.

Based on this philosophy BUFT Sports Club started its journey to unleash and nurture the raw talents among the students of of the university. Throughout the years, the club has been successful in providing a platform for the students to perform at different sports and bring the best out of them.

In an academic year, the club organizes and participates in a total of 10 to 15 events, consisting of both inter and intra-level competition. The Intra-University Football Tournament is organized every Summer, where usually nine teams including a team from the faculty members compete for the triumph.

Spring semesters are always busy with the preparation for Intra-University Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Basketball Tournaments. The university also participates in the Inter-University Football and Cricket Tournament.

The BUFT Sport Club also organizes different types of Local and Traditional Games of Bangladesh.

BUFT Textile Club

The textile and clothing industries in Bangladesh have brought oomph in life of the people- mainly the poor female denomination have achieved their rights as human after getting independence in 1971. Now not only leading life by our own earned money, we are also hoping to earn 50 million dollars by 2020 in this sector. To comply with this dream, the textile graduates have to provoke great leadership quality in education and other extra-curricular activities.

Recognizing the need and benefits, Textile Club has been inaugurated on April 09, 2015 to foster the required qualities among students to frame leadership for future fantasy-business in textiles. The club codifies different convocations among owners, suppliers, managers of different renowned factories with the BUFT students. The club also arrange a number of seminars and workshops where Lecturers/Speakers from the industries are invited. It also arranges different quiz competitions in textile of Bangladesh and abroad.

Muna Club
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BUFT MODEL UN ASSOCIATION (BUFTMUNA) imprinted the first foot step on the 14th of June, 2015.Along with its nature it’s important to know the ‘why’ behind the existence of BUFTMUNA. The inception of this significant association is to gain momentum in the United Nations youth activity; Model United Nations (MUN). There the students present themselves in the manner of diplomats and represent a county in a consecutive committee of United Nations organs. This offers the students a break through where they can learn diplomacy, interact with other sharp minds of the university around the globe and share their ideas to solve complex challenges facing the world.

BUFTMUNA encourages being a part of this multi-faceted challenging world, aiming towards enriching our culture and making this world a better place triumphing the provocation of 21st century. Pacing up the vision of BUFT, we are working to fabricate skilled human resource for the future Bangladesh.

Whether you are a novice seeking to learn the basics of communication, public speaking, researching, critical thinking and negotiation or a dreamer with a dream of becoming the leader of today and tomorrow. BUFTMUNA is the perfect place for you to start. Besides working with United Nations it’s our vision to sew the peace in the life of the youth of Bangladesh.

One of the main goals of BUFTMUNA is to create a story book filled with the successful stories of our precious valuable members. World Merit Day 2016, Celebration of International Human Rights Day 2016, Model United Nations WORKSHOP 2017, MOCK MUN 2017, International Youth Day 2017, International Peace Day 2017, Intra MUN 2018 and representing our beloved University in National and International platforms are some stories that we proudly tell.

Understanding the importance of the organizational believe BUFTMUNA keeps in mind that intellectual skill set is the most powerful asset a man can have and it’s proper utilization can take a man towards success. So we would love for you to write your own story, join our exciting journey, challenges and fun activities and become a part of BUFTMUNA because “We are more than just a club, we are family”

BUFT Career Development Club

Purpose of BUFT Career Development Club:

  1. To increase the interest of students in Career Development works by providing each of them proper guidance and knowledge.
  2. To introduce students with corporate culture, issues & so on.
  3. To enhance creative leadership skills.
  4. To provide opportunity for students to amplify their critical thinking and also demonstrate their creativity.
  5. To provide up-to-date information's, field of works, postgraduate courses and research opportunities both in home and abroad.
  6. To help students to understand and develop the necessary skills to equip them for whatever career path they choose.
  7. To provide opportunities for students to understand their competencies and options through a variety of means including personal discussionon with professional advisers.
  8. To provide experts advice and information on career issues to the students;
  9. To enrich students with basic skills like communication, networking, public speaking, negotiation, professional presentation, anchoring etc.
  10. To hold sessions on Life Talk, Career Planning, CV writing & other necessary corporate things;
  11. To prepare a student so that he can make a better future for him.
  12. To ensure development in soft skills for better career.
  13. To provide clear guidelines in order to choose right career path.
  14. To give opportunity to build a corporate network.

Our Events :

  1. Seminer on CV Writting & Career Guideline at 2018
  2. NRB Jobs Present Career Fest 2019
  3. 6 Month special course on Adobe Illustrator
  4. Online Session on Effective CV Writing & Importance of Linkedln
  5. Online Session on Supply Chain Management
  6. Online Session on Job opportunity for Textile Background Students
  7. Free enroll opportunity of Coursera's course
  8. Experience Sharing by Live session by Alumni's of BCDC
  9. Quiz competition
  10. Online Seminar on Recruiters Expectation from a Fresher Graduate
  11. Factory visit at Lantabur Group
  12. Collaboration with Dreamzone Bangladesh
  13. Visited to IUBAT National Career Festival 2021
  14. Collaboration with Epyllion Group
  15. Attended UK Education Fair 2022 at Hotel Sarina organised by GECC
  16. Organised Intra - BUFT Public Speaking Competition 2022
  17. Online Seminar on Public Speaking


This club is newly formed. It started its journey by a grand opening program where the legendary reciter “Shimul Mustafa” was present as the Chief Guest. Workshops, competitions, events are organized to indulge the students to work with poetry and literature. Besides, there is a weekly practice day when the students can learn poetry and literature through discussion with each other.

BUFT Poetry Club

“Poetry (and all literature by extension) is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge. The poet binds together by passion and knowledge the vast empire of human society, as it is spread over the whole earth, and over all time.”

Poetry enables the students to learn how to write, read and understand any text. Poetry can give students a healthy outlet for surging emotions. Poetry is a way to understand how language and symbol systems work. It is a worthy expression of emotion or deep feelings and aesthetics or a sense of what is beautiful about world. Poetry improves verbal skills, memory, critical thinking. It develops empathy and insight and encourages engagement with other art forms.

Based on this philosophy, BUFT Poetry and Recitation Club (BPRC) started its journey to start up the literature and poetry practice among the students. The students who are studying at private universities can not practice literature and poetry regularly due to excessive pressure of regular curriculums. So, this club is formed for giving the platform to continue the poetry practice. Without poetry practice it’s impossible to love one’s own language, norm, culture etc. Therefore, this club is playing a vital role to evoke affection and strengthen bonding for our own beloved language.


This club is newly formed. It started its journey by a grand opening program where the legendary reciter “Shimul Mustafa” was present as the Chief Guest. Workshops, competitions, events are organized to indulge the students to work with poetry and literature. Besides, there is a weekly practice day when the students can learn poetry and literature through discussion with each other.