Our strategic plan is a roadmap to institutional excellence. The plan animates our work and guides our vision for the success of all faculty, staff and students.

A Thoughtful Approach

We’re putting our strategic plan to work by creating a culture of constant improvement. Every three years, we evaluate our progress toward excellence while adding and realigning resources.

This allows us to focus on implementing initiatives to solve society’s grand challenges. One example is our Faculty of Apparel & Textile Engineering (FATE), which brings together four university departments, along with 3,500 students and 125 teachers and staffs. Created in 2012, the FATE brings together experts from across disciplines to address everything from global hunger to energy shortages. We’re constantly building on the momentum of this program.

What we’ve learned from launching the new faculty and other success stories informs our decision-making for current and future strategic plan initiatives. We’re continuing to make BUFT of choice for top students, teachers and researchers who raise the bar for academic excellence.

Strategy in Motion

We’ve put careful thought and research into the initiatives we implement to achieve strategic plan goals. Some are highly visible to the campus community, while others take place behind the scenes. Regardless, each initiative produces gains that benefit all of BUFT.

This includes all our students. We support their success through educational innovation that changes the way they engage with the university. One of our larger efforts consolidates admissions, enrollment and retention services to create a more streamlined academic experience. In the graduate school, we’re developing new strategies to improve recruitment, including creating chances for master degree programs in targeted areas.

We’re committed to better serving our transfer students with the implementation of a central management system for all internal and external transfer admissions. Big or small, our strategic plan encompasses initiatives that build upon our strengths while looking toward the future.

Fostering Faculty Excellence

We support faculty members by allowing and encouraging them to pursue higher education abroad. We help them getting scholarships from the universities we have collaborations with.

Student Success Report

See how BUFT is meeting its student success goals through innovative programs and initiatives.

Changing Our Communities

Whether locally or globally, we are engaging in the community to solve society’s grand challenges, including closing the education achievement gap by reducing tuition fees and providing scholarships for BUFT students.