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Welcome to the
Department of Sciences (FS)

The department of sciences is a home to faculty members from the areas of bio-chemistry, chemistry, physics, mathematics, microbiology, pharmacy and statistics. The department consists of 22 full-time faculty members- 1 professor, 6 assistant professors, 13 lecturers, and 2 staffs.

Through experiences that occur in and out of the classroom, the department strives to provide educational and research experiences that are rich with opportunities and challenges and that foster an understanding of the scientific method of learning.

Albeit the department currently does not offer any degree of its own, it prepares students for graduate study in the fields of textile engineering, textile engineering & management, knitwear manufacturing & technology, apparel manufacturing & technology, and fashion design & technology by providing them a space to grow in scientific literacy and understanding of the natural world as part of their education.

The department of sciences is committed to helping students understand humanity’s quest for patterns and structures that govern or explain how the natural world works. Courses offered also help students to analyze scientific information critically and to understand the natural world in a scientific fashion. Courses offered also help students to understand various advanced theories taught in both graduate and undergraduate programs offered by different departments and faculties of BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.

Study Advice Service

No idea how to follow-up on course work? Always late preparing for the exams?

Study Advice Service!

The department has designated faculty members for each of the departments and degree programs offered who are always there to help you to become familiar with ways of studying and to support your learning process.

Please contact them - sooner rather than later.

Services such as personal counseling regarding your studies they provide include:

  • Planning of your study course
  • Learning strategies and exam preparation
  • Academic writing
  • Time management
  • Workshops
  • Coordination of tutorials and revision courses
Find the information you need:
  • here on our websites
  • at our student advice appointments
  • by visiting us
  • by taking part in our seminars or symposium
  • or simply by having the information material sent to you directly.