Public Relations Department (PRD)

The Public Relations (PR) department at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) actively engages with target stakeholders, employing both direct and indirect communication channels through media. The primary objective is to cultivate and sustain a positive image while fostering strong relationships with stakeholders. Utilizing a variety of tools and techniques, the department endeavors to enhance BUFT's public standing and establish meaningful connections with its audience. To achieve these goals, the department employs diverse methods, including the issuance of press releases and statements for the media, creation of features, advertisement campaigns, newsletter production, publication development, and participation in public events, conferences, and conventions. Additionally, the department ensures ongoing feedback on the content featured on the BUFT website, compiles newspaper clippings, and gathers TV footage related to news coverage. Furthermore, the department takes an active role in organizing, or supporting the organization of, various BUFT programs at both local and national levels.

The department is actively contributing to the university's development and stands out from other departments within the institution. Public Relations serves as a systematic approach through which any institution can establish connections with diverse stakeholders, effectively communicate messages and beliefs to the general public. It functions as a media analyzer, policy definer, and plays dual roles as both a policy and opinion influencer. This department is integral for analyzing and improving the branding capability and standardization of the institution. The primary objective of Public Relations is to enhance working capacity and foster loyalty among officials and staff by cultivating friendly bonds.


The Public Relations Department at BUFT was created with the purpose of communicating the university's goals, achievements, and visionary plans to the external world. What began as a modest initiative has evolved into a dynamic hub, serving as the focal point for all systematic activities related to branding and promotion.


Public Relations Department of BUFT is situated at Nishatnagar (West side of Uttara), Turag in the new heart of Dhaka city.


The vision of the Public Relations department is to emerge as a primary source of top-notch organizational, functional, and human resource support. The goal is to ensure the delivery of efficient, professional, transparent, and responsive public services.


The Public Relations department plays a role in fostering a capable and responsible public service system. This is achieved through the attraction, development, engagement, and management of an effective and innovative organizational and functional human resources support system.

Top Management:

The Public Relations Department at BUFT is primarily overseen by a Head. Under his overall supervision, the department is further managed by two Officers, encompassing roles such as Graphics Designer & Photographer, as well as an Office Support Staff.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Public Relations (PR) department of BUFT works into three (03) broad categories:

1. Branding
2. Communication and
3. Public Relations

The category "Branding" covers the following area:

a) Advertisements: Preparing a proper plan for designing, monitoring and supervising advertisements in various print and electronic media.
b) Articles and Features: Preparing articles and features, special reports on the University and publish those in media.
c) Publicity: Generating a plan for publicity of BUFT through roadside hoarding, neon sign, plastic sign and island decoration etc.
d) Documentary: Making documentaries and broadcasting those at TV channels and social media.
e) Website: Updating and maintaining BUFT website in coordination with IT Department.
f) Planning for Brand Strategy: Preparing a plan for brand strategy in coordination with all stakeholders.
g) Promotional Programs: Arranging promotional programs and festivals involving students, faculty and staff.
h) Brand Investment Report: Outlining and submitting report on return on Brand investment.
i) Certificate Course: Conducting certificate courses on print and broadcast journalism.
j) Photography and Videography: Arrangement of photography and videography.

The category "Communication" covers the following area:

a) Media Inquiries and Interviews: Managing media inquiries and interview requests.
b) Drafting Speeches: Drafting speeches for BUFT management as per requirement and arranging interviews and other forms of contact on behalf of them.
c) Maintaining Relationships: Maintaining effective working relationships with University Grants Commission (UGC), Education Ministry, and other government officials and media representatives.
d) Annual Report, Annual Mirror and Campus Bulletin: Preparing annual media report, event photography based annual BUFT mirror and semester wise campus bulletin.
e) Arranging Press Conference, Seminar, and Workshop: Arranging Press Conference, Seminar, Workshop, Meeting, and coordinating Orientation Program, and various Cultural Programs.
f) Press Release and Promotional Report: Preparing Press Release, Rejoinder, Corrigendum and various types of promotional report and feature story on BUFT & Publishing them in the newspaper and magazine.
g) Daily Newspapers and Magazines: Monitoring/observing the Daily Newspapers and Magazines.

The category "Public Relations" covers the following area:

a) Message and Information: Conveys messages and information of the University to mass people.
b) Contact with Journalists: Maintaining correspondence with journalists of print, electronic and online media.
c) Media: Using all the media facilities to convey messages, information and news to public.
d) Press Coverage: Devising plans, supervising and monitoring press coverage of different functions and events of the university in media.
e) MoU: Arranging MoU with print and electronic media.
f) Notice Board: Monitoring and updating BUFT Notice Boards timely and regularly.
g) Audio Visual Publicity: Making documentary, RVC, TVC and other audio visual publicity productions of the university and coordinating the arrangement of broadcasting.
h) Supplements: Publishing special supplements of the University in newspapers, when necessary.
i) Social Media: Monitoring & maintaining Face Book, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.
j) University Magazine: Designing and publishing in-house magazine of the University.
k) Brochures, Leaflet, Posters, and Booklets: Designing and publishing brochures, leaflet, posters, booklets and books on the activities and performance of the university.
l) Publicity Materials: Publishing all types of publicity materials.
m) Arranging Events: Arrangement of events on different National Days.
n) Coordinating Programs and Functions: Coordinates the arrangement of central and departmental programs and functions.
o) Designing and Distributing Gift Items: Designs & distributes different types of gift items: Academic Calendar, Diary, Note Book, Desk Calendar etc.


The PR Department disseminates the university's messages through the coordination of various discussion meetings, seminars, and symposiums. Social media plays a significant role in branding and promoting public relations, and BUFT's PR department consistently strives to harness the vast opportunities offered by social media. It functions as an integral component of the university, aiming to cultivate a positive image and prestige in the field of education.

Head of Public Relations Department, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.

Sr. Graphics Designer, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.

Photographer & Content Creator, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.