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Department of Fashion Studies (FS)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Fashion Studies is a four- year course designed for students to acquire conceptual and practical skills of fashion design and to transform their conceptual skill into finished garments. This course will enhance creativity and provides opportunity to transform creativity into practical problem solving. To acquire bachelor degree a student has to earn 161 credits from a combination of different courses offered by BUFT. After successful completion of this program students will be professionally competent to choose their career as Fashion Designer, Design Studio Manager, Fashion Illustrator, Product Developer, Sample Developer, Pattern & style designer , Quality Assurance Manager, Retailer, fashion Merchandiser , Visual Merchandiser at home and abroad.

The program considers market levels, from high street to designer, through a range of projects, many of which are in conjunction with specific labels or companies, or are for a particular sector of the market. The short work placement, in undergrad study, enables students to experience the reality of working within a particular company, together with the chance to make useful contacts for your future career.

Students are encouraged through the courses to develop their individual identity through their work, by a fusion of their design direction and the excellent craft skills and knowledge of technological developments that they have acquired. Students understand every aspect of a garment through both the creative detail in the design and the technical skills used in production. By the end of either graduate or undergraduate program students are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to respond creatively to a design brief within the ready-to-wear fashion market.

Objectives of the Program

At all levels of instruction, the courses offered in the program have following basic objectives:

  • Understands the importance of modern technologies in global fashion industry with the basic principles in the field of fashion studies.
  • Takes responsibility as an intermediate member in Fashion-related companies, design departments, agencies and design studios fashion.
  • Takes responsibility about planning, marketing, and product development in clothing textile industry.
  • Comprehends the activities of the firms about fashion designing matters.
  • Comprehends the duties and areas of fashion designer in textile companies in our readymade garments sector.
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies (Code: 000)

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies Program aims to educate a creative, lateral thinking professional with knowledge from the 'state of the art' computerized machinery to handmade items. The local markets of Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have great scope for home consumption and export of Bangladeshi designed garments and handcrafted items.

Profile of the program
  • Name of the Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies, abbreviated as B.A. in Fashion Studies
  • No. of credits: 161
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Courses Start: Spring (January) & Fall (July) each year
  • Standard time to attain the Degree: 4 years (8 semesters, six months each)
  • Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 in a scale of 4.00

The multidisciplinary nature of textiles provides an opportunity for students to develop strong critical and analytical abilities and become individually creative. The future generations of innovative, creative and highly individual design statements will work as a platform for producing designers with a 'Bangladesh Style', becoming 'Fashion Leaders', not merely copyists and 'followers' of other design.

Career Opportunities

Studying Fashion Studies will open up ranges of scope for students to work in many different fields. After graduating, students may well choose to work in one of the following areas:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Retailer/ Boutique Owner
  • Costume designer
  • Art & Design Teacher
  • Fashion Merchandizer
  • Visual Merchandizer
  • Fit Technologist
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Pattern /Style Designer

Accreditation of the Program

The syllabus for Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies has been designed by reunion textile and fashion academics as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, accordingly has been verified and approved by the proper authority nominated by the UGC.


Fashion Orientation

Elements & Principle of Design

Color Theory for designer

Sewing Process & Management

Basic Sewing Construction

Pattern design

Fashion Photography

Fashion Illustration

Computer Application for Design

Material Study & Design

Draping for designer

Digital fashion Illustration

Fashion History

Fashion Styling

Technical Drawing

Garment Assembly

Pattern Grading

Aesthetics of Fashion Art & Design

Textile & Surface Design


Creative Design Analysis

Term Garment - Craft Inspired

Fashion Marketing

Sustainable Design

Fashion Forecasting

Visual merchandising

Fashion Accessories Design analysis

Product Range Design & Development