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Welcome to the
Department of English

Department of English aims at making graduates with high level of English proficiency and critical thinking ability that will help them perceive their significance in society. Upon graduating, they will be confident to speak out for themselves, and face the world with advanced communication skills and knowledge required in academic, professional, technological, socio-cultural and political spectrum around them.

The curriculum of English at BUFT is one of the broadest in scope and the most intensive in the country, providing students with the chance to explore the interconnections between English language and literature, opportunities to study English from the perspectives of how the language works and is structured as a system and how it is used as an expressive tool in literary texts. The program offers students the opportunities to study principally British and American Literature from its origin in Anglo-Saxon period to the 20th and 21st century complemented by literary pieces of world literatures in English including African, Indian, Australian, Canadian and Caribbean literature. The program also offers language and linguistic courses which provide students with a threshold to explore the ways in which English language has shaped and been shaped by culture throughout history and in different countries. Studying English language and literature at BUFT will train students to perceive and master the art of communication and rhetorical skills, writing and reading skills, key analytical skills and the ability to read literary texts in broader intellectual, philosophical and historical context. While studying, students are required to apply their critical thinking and appreciate and judge literary genres, style and techniques used by the authors of literary texts, and engage in literary discussions and debates held in classrooms and seminars.

Why Study in English?

Studying English will open up ranges of scope for students to work in many different fields. After graduating, students may well choose to work in one of the following areas:

  • Education and academia
  • Consulting firms, advertizing firms
  • Newspaper, editing and publishing houses
  • Media, merchandising and communications
  • Government, policy making, research organizations
  • Public relations and communications, broadcasting and journalism
  • Community and social services
  • Public administrations
  • International development agencies and organizations

Program of Study

Department of English offers one undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of Arts (Hon’s) in English degree.

Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in English (Code: 515)

The B. A. (Hon's) in English program consists of 8 academic semesters and a total of 132 credits.

This bachelor degree with honors in English provides students with the opportunity to study English language and literature extensively and develop their communicative competence to an advanced level.

Profile of the program
  • Name of the Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English, abbreviated as B. A. (Hons) in English
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Courses Start: Spring (January) & Fall (July) each year
  • Standard time to attain the Degree: Four years (eight semesters, six months each)
  • Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 in a scale of 4.00

At all levels of instruction, the courses offered in the program have four basic objectives:

1. Developing depth, clarity, precision and high level of proficiency in spoken and written English;

2. Emphasizing the importance of social and cultural values that shape our ideas, civilization and our contemporary world;

3. Building up a flexible intellectual capacity towards critical thinking and problem-solving which can be applied to a wide range of professional responsibilities where individuals must take action in the face of concrete human problems;

4. Bridging art, culture, fashion, literature, language and communication.

Subjects Taught

B. A. (Hons) in English program is designed as per the clear instructions given by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and has been verified accordingly and approved by the proper authority nominated by the UGC.


Listening and Speaking

Critical Reading and Writing

Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Prose and Drama

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to Bangla Literature

Bangladesh Studies


Old and Middle English Literature

16th and 17th Century English Literature

Victorian Literature

Romantic Literature

Phonetics and Phonology

Syntax and Morphology



English for Professional Purpose

Literary Criticism


World Classics in Translation

Introduction to American Literature

Twentieth Century English Drama

African and Caribbean Literature

Australian and Canadian Literature

Indian literature

Introduction to Critical Theory

English Language Teaching (ELT)

Testing and Evaluation

Research Methodology

Syllabus design and Curriculum

Introduction to Anthropology

European History

Introduction to Philosophical Thoughts