Mission & Values

University Vision

To be a “Center of Excellence” in higher education relating to RMG to produce technically competent human resources for the Apparel, Textile and allied sectors at home and aboard emphasizing on innovation and creativity.

University Mission

To be an international standard state-of-the-art University for education, training, research and development toproduce highly qualified, dynamic, versatile, creative and skilled human resources for fashion and design, apparel and textile technology and allied industries at home and abroad.

University Values

Consonant with our history, mission, and vision, BUFT affirms these core values:

  • Integrity - in the pursuit, creation, application, and dissemination of knowledge
  • Freedom - of thought and expression
  • Respect - for cultural and intellectual diversity
  • Responsibility - for individual actions and service to society
  • Stewardship - in sustaining economic and natural resources
  • Excellence - in all endeavors
(Last update on 27/11/22)