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Faculty of
Arts & Social Sciences (FASS)

The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at BUFT is one of the leading study sectors for students who seek greater understanding of arts and social science. This faculty provides the opportunity to create a responsible professional and intellectual in both creative and corporate world.

FASS has a faculty of intellectually creative and dynamic scholars with national and international exposure. Department of English is one of the prestigious departments under FASS which was established in 2010. There are some proposed departments in FASS like, Department of Economics, Law, Philosophy, Psychology and Tourism & Hospitality. These departments are soon to be developed but currently Department of English is running successfully which consists of 8 scholarly faculty members. 1 Associate Professor, 2 Assistant Professors and 5 Lecturers are currently working under FASS who are always dynamic in their teaching and training process.

FASS owns a language laboratory that is furnished with modern electronic equipments for speaking and listening practice. There is a seminar library with all the necessary books for research. English club and café is also popular among the students for practicing English language and culture.

The FASS of BUFT looks forward to welcoming you!

Study Advice Service

No idea how to follow-up on course work? Always late preparing for the exams?

Study Advice Service!

The FASS has designated faculty members for each of the degree programs offered who are always there to help you to become familiar with ways of studying and to support your learning process.

Please contact them - sooner rather than later.

Services such as personal counselling regarding your studies they provide include:

  • Planning of your study course
  • Learning strategies and exam preparation
  • Academic writing
  • Time management
  • Workshops
  • Coordination of tutorials and revision courses

Department under FASS

  • Looking for excellent career opportunities after graduating from your studies?
  • Interested in gaining an excellent training in the field of arts, culture, language and humanities?
  • Eager to find an international university with a creative flair?

If so, then we, the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) at BUFT, are the people to contact with!

BUFT has cooperation agreements and collaborative relations with numerous partner universities around the globe and companies at home to help you to prepare for positions in our globalized industry and educational sector.

Find the information you need:
  • here on our websites
  • at our student advice appointments
  • by visiting us
  • by taking part in our seminars or symposium
  • or simply by having the information material sent to you directly.
Department under the umbrella of FASS:

FASS comprises a department which offers bachelor program. Following links provide detailed information:

Program of Study

BUFT views faculties and departments as a time for students to explore, exercise curiosity, and discover new interests and abilities.

Students are provided an immersive, collaborative, and inspiring environment where they can develop a broadly informed, highly disciplined intellect that will help them be successful in whatever work they finally choose.

Students of BUFT graduate with the values and knowledge they need to pursue meaningful work, find passion in life-long earning, and lead successful and purposeful lives.

Programs offered by the FASS: