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Textile Engineering & Management (TEM)

Textile industry is a rapidly growing sector of the Bangladeshi economy, offers a unique competitive edge that supports profitable expansion into new strategic markets. From spinning to weaving, from knitwear to leisurewear and high street fashions, the textiles and clothing industry is Bangladesh’s biggest export earning sector.

The department of Textile Engineering & Management, one of the most emerging textile branches, has launched undergraduate program as a response to the escalating demand of devoted professionals in the arena of textile production, textile design, textile goods & machinery merchandising. The program is constructed to develop a storng technically sound textile engineer with quintessential managerial skills that provide a strong base of his future engineering career. The program is flexible enough to tailor the specific career goals of individuals.

After successfully completing the program at BUFT, graduates can work in the field of developing processes and operations for the production of various kinds of textiles.

Scope of Textile Engineering & Management

Many career opportunities are present for students interested in working with textiles, and because of the broad nature of the field, there is opportunity for movement within the industry during a lifelong career. Opportunities for employment in textile engineering & management can be pursued with retailers, manufacturers, market research firms and product information venues. Employment opportunities in Textile Management include:

  • Plant or Corporate Management
  • Textile Goods, Machinery Merchandising and Management
  • Technical Sales
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Product Development & Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Cost and Inventory Control
  • Project Management in RMG & Textile Industry

Program of Study

The department of textile engineering & management which operates under the faculty of textile engineering of BUFT offers an undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering & Management degree. The program focuses on marketing research and management applied to the products and services textile industries. Includes instruction in applicable principles of textile and apparel design and manufacturing, sales and distribution systems, domestic and international market research, profitability, consumer research, and the design and implementation of marketing campaigns.

B.Sc. in TEM (Code: 165)

Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering & Management (B.Sc. in TEM) program is a subject that incorporates entire textile education with managerial study. In this program students will be equipped with the technical knowledge in the fields of textile engineering as well as master the techniques of their management.

The study area in textile engineering delivers fundamental knowledge and insights extending from material design theory via textile manufacturing, textile processing, finishing technologies through quality management and quality assessment of textile materials. Students acquire a particular knowledge of the relevant technologies used in fiber production and processing, yarn manufacturing engineering, weaving, knitting, narrow fabrics, wet processing engineering, finishing and technical textiles.

Profile of the program
  • Name of the Degree: Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering & Management, abbreviated as B. Sc. in TEM
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Courses Start: Spring (January) & Fall (July) each year
  • Standard time to attain the Degree: Four years (8 semesters, six months each)
  • Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 in a scale of 4.00


  • To provide managerial talent as well as textile knowledge with risk managing ability, passion for learning and creative thinking and, values in rapidly evolving economic and social environment.
  • To enable graduates to be creative, adaptable, problem solver in the challenges of the textile engineering professions in rapidly changing environment that exists in the industry.
  • These changes require the ability to apply existing knowledge in new ways thereby creating new systems and opportunities as well as adapting existing technology to local production conditions.
  • To initiate, develop and sustain research activities that are critical for the conditioning of advancement in Bangladeshi textile industries.

Accreditation of the Program

B. Sc. in Textile Engineering & Management program offered by the department of textile engineering & management has been designed as per the clear instruction of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, accordingly has been verified and approved by the proper authority nominated by the UGC.

The B.Sc. in Textile Engineering & Management program consists of eight academic semesters and a total of 163 credits.

Subjects Taught

The program consists of:

# Study Areas No. of Courses Credits Percentage
1 Core Courses 40 107 65.65
2 Sciences & Allied Engineering 12 34 20.85
3 Business & Humamities 8 22 13.50
Core courses (extract)

Textile Raw Materials

Contemporary Management Theory & Practice

Yarn Manufacturing Engineering

Fabric Manufacturing Engineering

Wet Processing Engineering

Apparel Manufacturing Engineering

Textile and Apparel Labor Management

Textile Testing & Quality Control

Managerial Economics

Application of Computer in Textile Management

Financial Management

Fabric Structure & Design

Investment Management

Environment and Pollution Control

Research Methodology

Economic Issus of Textile & Apparel Business

Textile Brand Management and Product Development

Merchandising & International Marketing of Textile

Cost & Management Accounting

Entrepreneurship & Business Project Development

Textile Quality Management

Production & Operation Management in RMG

Allied Engineering (extract)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Natural Sciences (extract)





Humanities & Business (extract)


Bangla Bhasha

Bangladesh Studies



Corporate Social responsibility

Business Law

Consumer Behaviour

Industrial Training & Final Year Project

Eight-week internship at an industry or in a company

Bachelor's Thesis (Final Year Project, FYP)

BUFT has been working relentlessly for the B. Sc. in Textile Engineering & Management program offered to get accredited by the Textile Institute, University of Manchester, UK.