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The office of the Controller of Examinations is one of the most important offices of the BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology. The role of the office of Controller of Examinations is to conduct fair and timely examinations for the students registered with the university. It is the duty of the office of the Controller of Examinations to arrange for preparation, scheduling, conduct of university examinations, arranging for valuation of answer scripts and all other incidental matters connected with the conduct of examinations.

The other responsibilities of the office are:

  • Preparation of Admit Cards to the students;
  • Supplying of questions papers, Scripts and relevant papers and documents to the Faculty members;
  • Appointment of Invigilators, performing of official duties in the Examination Halls;
  • Taking of necessary steps against any examinee for any anti-disciplinary work in the Examination Halls;
  • After receiving the Scripts from Examination halls, it is delivered to the respective Examiners;
  • Processing and publishing the results in time;
  • Issuing of certificates like Statement of Grades/Marks, Consolidated Statement of Grades/Marks and Provisional Degree Certificates. Providing Transcripts; and
  • Work together for conducting of the Annual Convocation and Supplementary Convocation as and when the BOT directs and issue of Degree Certificates to all the qualified students of University Departments for B.Sc., M.Sc., BBA and MBA degree programs.

In addition, setting of guidelines for examination and evaluation, amendment of the guidelines from time to time, ensuring strict adherence of guidelines by faculty and answerable to Vice Chancellor for all examination and evaluation related issues as one of the functionaries of the office of the Controller of Examinations.

Examination Notice
Examination Guidelines
  • Students must keep wearing their ID cards at all time;
  • Students shall not be allowed to sit for the exams without admit cards;
  • Students must not possess things unauthorized;
  • Students, if found with any act of cheating, shall be debarred from appearing at the said examination or all examinations to be decided by the Disciplinary Committee;
  • Candidates shall not leave the examination hall before one hour has passed;
  • All cellular phones must be switched off during the examination;
  • Digital diary or programmable calculators are not allowed for use in the exam hall;
  • Students must not write anything on the question paper, desk, chair, walls of the examination hall;
  • Not more than one student is allowed to go outside the examination hall at a time;
  • Students must sign in the attendance sheet before leaving the examination hall;
  • Nobody will be allowed to enter the examination hall more than half an hour after the examination starts;
  • Students may use additional answer sheet if needed but s/he must write her/her ID number and other particulars clearly and get them attached with the original answer scripts duly signed by the invigilator;
  • Students, if found with any objectionable papers under her/his possession, s/he shall be debarred from appearing in this or all examinations to be decided by the Disciplinary Committee;
  • Candidates must observe silence and strict discipline in the examination hall;
  • For any other matters pertaining to smooth conduct of examination not mentioned above, the decision of the invigilator/hall in charge shall be considered final.