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It is clear that researchers and specialists outside the domain of BUFT can often be extremely valuable in our scientific efforts and researches, more so than any machines BUFT has in its laboratories.

Working within a team of scientists from different countries around the globe can often pose many hurdles, but it is also very rewarding. BUFT is utterly committed to provide the rewards of collaborations with foreign universities to its students.

Recognizing the benefits from the establishment of institutional link, BUFT has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several universities around the globe for specific purposes.

Purpose of Collaborations

The purpose of this sort of agreements is to develop academic and educational cooperation, establish a collaborative program in research and conferences between the BUFT and other universities and to cooperate in their mutual interest for a range of higher educational activities.

Areas of Cooperations

Subject to the availability of funds and resources of BUFT and other universities, agreements have been made to develop the following collaborative activities:

  • Exchange of information for curriculum development.
  • Supporting in setting up a state-of-the-art laboratory for composite materials.
  • Organization of lectures, symposia, international meetings, conferences, workshops and fashion design exhibitions.
  • Exchange of researchers and teachers and providing opportunities for professors and researchers to give lectures.
  • Exchange program facility, short study visit programs and internship programs
  • Scholarships and tuition fee waiver.
  • BUFT – other university Fellowship
  • Exchange of information, teaching materials, technological and scientific publications.
  • Other academic activities agreed between the two universitiesas and when necessary.

BUFT Collaborations

BUFT has signed MoU with several universities around the globe in recent times. Following will highlight a part of these collaborative activities.

(Last update on 4/12/22)