The Extended Components of Service Marketing Mix and Its Effects on Garment Customer Satisfaction in Banks
Dr. Md. Redwanuzzaman

Pabna University of Science and Technology

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Purpose: The only objective of this research is to look at how extended components of the marketing mix in commercial banks affect garment customer satisfaction in Bangladesh. Methodology: A descriptive research approach was used to conduct the study. Hypotheses derived from a conceptual framework were also put to the test to see if the effects of extended marketing mix components on garment customer satisfaction could be proven. A constructed questionnaire was employed in the survey section of the analysis to execute a simple random sampling technique over 196 respondents who were garment customers. The hypotheses were tested using correlation and regression analysis in this study. Findings: The findings showed that the latent variables under the construct factor- Process is very influential driver of the extended components of the marketing mix and acts as a significant instrument along with other extracted variables to garment customer satisfaction for the commercial banks in Bangladesh. Practical Implications: The findings would clearly help bank management with a clearer understanding about the important attributes of the extended components of marketing mix of banks and their effects to develop more precise marketing strategies needed to increase more satisfaction for the profitable segment of garment customers. Originality: This is one of the pioneer studies in this field, to the best of the authors' knowledge, to find out congruent attributes of extended components of marketing mix in rendering bank services to garment customers‘ satisfaction. Limitations: The study focuses only some commercial banks ignoring all other types of banks operating in Bangladesh.