BUFT stresses innovative approaches for both applied and strategic research. At the moment, BUFT is engaged as a partner of a four-year funded NICHE Project that aims to enhance the knowledge and application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Innovative Leadership within the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector in Bangladesh.

As retailers are increasingly under pressure to ensure ethical and environmental standards run all the way through the supply chain, there is a need for research projects to explore best practices and ways to improve the competitiveness of the Bangladesh manufacturing sector through adding value in this area.

German-Bangladesh HEST - BUF(T)UC

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology Dhaka (BUFT) and University of Technology Chemnitz (TUC) are jointly conducting a cooperation Project on Sustainability in Textile and RMG processing in Bangladesh with the help of experts from German Bangladesh Higher Education Network for Sustainable Textiles (HEST), GIZ and financial help from DAAD.

The project aims to develop an international standard syllabus for BSc in Knitwear Engineering program offered by the department of Knitwear Engineering at BUFT, syllabus for MSc in Textile Engineering (major in knitting) offered by the department of Textile Engineering. The project also aims at creating a knowledge and network between TUC and BUFT in Sustainability in the textile supply chain and shared expertise in knitwear production.


Under the NUFFIC Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Building in Higher Education (NICHE) BUFT was awarded the grant for a project titled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility, SRHR and Innovative Leadership in the Readymade Garment Sector in Bangladesh’ to develop BUFT as a reference centre on CSR; provide education/trainings on CSR, mainstreaming gender, including SRHR values addressing innovative management to respond to labour market needs in Bangladesh.

SMART 2020

The SMART Project is funded by the EU’s Framework Programme Horizon 2020, under the call Europe as a Global Actor: Greater Policy Coherence for Development. However, the magnitude of the Project and its ambitions go beyond what is funded by the EU.


UNIDO is supporting the Bangladesh Quality Support Programme (BQSP) that includes BUFT as a key beneficiary of the EU funding.

The UNIDO BQSP expert in Dhaka coordinates the DelPHE Project to ensure appropriate organization of the partnership, and acts as a point of contact for arranging visits and BUFT staff meetings.

Step Up+

BUFT with Danish partners Danida, DM&T and Sociability is jointly conducting a research project which will be ended on December 31, 2018 and the working name of the project is the Step Up+ Project.

The research governs the roles respectively of BUFT and DM&T in the Step Up+ Project in Bangladesh which seeks to drive change in the garment and textile sector in Bangladesh from a business perspective approach.

Buying 2

Buying II is an International collaborative project between Saxion University of Applied Science, the Netherlands and BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT). This project is designed to set-up a buying plan and will work on starting a new retail organization named XO and hence to build a pilot store with 22 outlets throughout Europe.

Under this project, the final year students Saxion University will make the plan as Buyer and BUFT students will act as the Agent/Manufacturer to accomplish the order. BUFT has accomplished this project successfully already for two sessions for the year of 2016 and 2017.

(Last update on 4/12/22)