The Effect of Street Food Attributes on Improving Food Tourism in Mymensingh: The Mediation Role of Tourist Perception
Dr. Rafatul Haque Rishad, Dr. Valliappan Raju, Dr. Rezian-na Muhammed Kassim & Norhaniza AL

Center for Post Graduate Studies, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

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Purpose: Food Tourist Mymensingh signifies street food as a significant antecedent in drawing in regional (Bangladeshi) inter district visitors for their taking a trip objective to this local city. This research study intends to explore just how road side food stalls connects impact the improvement of food tourist in Mymensingh. Methodology: Using a sample of 351 tourists, a survey was conducted at Jainul Abadeen Park in Mymensingh division who were different divisions tourists consuming street food. Smart PLS 3.0 was applied to analyse the data following the quantitative method. Findings: The findings confirm that a positive and substantial relationship is found in between product quality with tourist satisfaction. Furthermore, a confident and also significant relationship is also found between hygiene & ambiance and tourist satisfaction. Then, a positive as long as major relationship remains between service quality and also tourist satisfaction. Besides, this study also claims that tourist perception mediates the relationship between product qualities with tourist satisfaction. But, this study claims that tourist perception doesn’t mediate the connexion between hygiene & ambiance along with service quality and tourist satisfaction. Limitations: This research study just concentrates at Shilpacharjyo Jainul Abedin Park, Mymensingh. The future research studies need to be a lot more details on various traveller areas in Mymensingh. Practical Implications: This research checked out the effect of product quality, hygiene & ambiance and service quality on tourist satisfaction in Mymensingh. Outcomes will certainly assist sector owners to create finest advertising and marketing plan to bring in even more customers. Originality: This research study specifically looks for the elements which draw in vacationer to eat road food at Mymensingh Park that made it special in comparable road food research studies.