Can Green Management Practices Ensure Environmental Sustainability? A Firm-Level Study on Readymade Garments Sector of Bangladesh
Dr. Md. Miraj Hossen, Rashedul Islam and Anindita Saha Tumpa

Jagannath University; City University; BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Purpose: The present study is an initiative to establish a relationship between green management practices and environmental sustainability in the ready-made garments (RMG) industries of Bangladesh. Methodology: The data were collected over 404 respondents covering 20 industries using a well-structured questionnaire. To analyze the data and test the formulated hypotheses statistical software SPSS was used. The study was based on a conceptual framework where green management practices, employees' sustainable behavior, and environmental sustainability were considered as independent, mediating, and dependent variables accordingly. Findings: The study findings reveal that there is a significant positive impact of developing green abilities (DGA), and providing green opportunities (PGO) on employees' intention to green and sustainable behavior. In addition, the employees' green behavior towards sustainability (EBTS) has a significant effect on environmental sustainability (ES). However, motivating green employees (MGE), and maintain green behavior (MGB) has no significant impact on employees' sustainable behavior. Limitations: The study is based on cross-sectional data collected from the primary source and covering 404 samples. It would be better if the researchers can cover vast areas with more samples and secondary data also. Practical Implication: The study is considered as a wake-up call for the related parties, decision-makers (managers and owners), government regulatory bodies, of garments manufacturing industries in Bangladesh. The findings of the study can play a significant role in taking decisions regarding any more investment decisions in green management practices in different sectors. Originality: The study is an original one and it has considered some specific areas of green management practices which make it different from other previous studies