Awareness Level of Fashion Consumers toward Ethical Purchasing Behavior in Bangladesh
Farhana Karim

BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT)

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Purpose: The present study deals with the awareness level of fashion consumers toward ethical purchasing behavior in Bangladesh and also gives emphasis on finding whether fashion consumers of Bangladesh are concerned about environment friendly products or not and whether they are willing to pay more for environmental friendly quality products or not. Methodology: Researcher has used area sampling and simple random sampling. Data has been collected from 218 respondents of Dhaka city using structured questionnaire. Z-test has been used to statistically validate several hypotheses that have drawn for this research. Findings: Findings suggest that most of the fashion consumers are not aware about ethical purchasing behavior. According to hypothesis result most of the fashion consumers are concerned about environment and they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. However, few inconsistencies have been noticed in their behavior that reveals attitude behavior gap among them. Limitations: Focus group discussion or depth interview could be conducted along with direct questionnaire survey which could elicit more actual view. However, it can be an avenue for further research initiation to get candid and more elaborate information about the extent of consumers’ awareness level and behavioral issues toward ethical purchasing behavior. Practical Implications: Bangladesh is highly populous country and ethical products are mostly produced here for sending to developed countries. So, if manufacturers of this country take steps to aware fashion consumers of this country along with exporting to developed countries, it will bring a sustainable environment and sustainable economic development here. Besides, it can reduce the risk like the Dutches-Venezuela diseases syndrome happening in Bangladesh. Originality/Value: No prior significant and elaborative research work on this research topic has been done in Bangladesh. Researcher’s endeavor to discover fashion consumers’ awareness toward ethical purchasing behavior in Bangladesh as this country is exporting significant quantity of readymade garments to developed countries maintaining their product specifications/ desired ethical products.