Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction of Online Taxi Services in Dhaka City
Nashid Bintey Hayder

BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT)
Email: nashidibaju@yahoo.com

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Purpose: Overall purpose of this research is to investigate the factors affecting customer satisfaction of Online Taxi Services by an online taxi services providing companies in Dhaka City. Methodology: Here, the researcher used two variables, one is independent variable (reliability, price, comfort, service quality), and (customer satisfaction) is dependent variable. Data was collected through questionnaires from 100 respondents from Dhaka city. Here researcher used SPSS V20 to get results and 5-point Likert scale. Findings: This research found that the majority of the taxi service users are female. It is also found that the relationship between independent and dependent variables is highly significant. From correlation analysis, it concludes that the price has the most positive relationship with customer satisfaction among the four independent variables. Quality and reliability have first and second positive relationship consecutively with customer satisfaction, whereas, comfort has no significant relationship with customer satisfaction. Thus this research concludes that taxi Services Company has to develop or expand their facilities to gain customer"s satisfaction. Limitations: The main limitation of this study is the study was carried out in Dhaka city only; which limits the generalization of the study. Practical Implications: Here only four attributes have been used that are associated with customer satisfaction. In future researchers may additionally use other attributes that relate with the customer satisfaction. This study will facilitate the taxi companies in addition to the taxi users in Bangladesh to pick out the most charming service provider and additionally modify the existing facilities and gain overall customer satisfaction. Originality/Value: In Bangladesh, a little research work has been done on online taxi services in Dhaka city. This research will contribute to existing literature in determining the dimensions of quality, price, comfort, and reliability stimulating customers" satisfaction while using online taxi services.