Employee Empowering and Its Positive Effect: A Critical Review
Mallick Rakibul Hasan

BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT)
Email: mallickrakibul@buft.edu.bd

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Article Information

Purpose: The principal objective of this study is to determine different ways of empowering and its multi-faceted impact on different employee and organizational performance parameters. To serve this purpose, an in-depth literature was reviewed. Methodology: It is mainly a review-based article and so conclusion was drawn on the basis of the literature review by the authors. Findings: The findings suggest that empowering employees can be done in different ways from simply thanking employees till using complicated process of work and it affects the employees and the organization profoundly. It has an impact on employees’ job satisfaction, commitment, stress level and the overall organizational output. Limitations: The major limitation of this study is that being a review-based study it has no practical exposure and any specific field orientation. Practical Implications: The knowledge shared in the article have two implications. The academicians can enrich their knowledge of the empowerment theories and accordingly they will be able to accommodate their knowledge when and where necessary. And secondly the managers will be able to apply the knowledge in their practices to empower their employees to ensure best output. Originality/Value: It will enrich the knowledge of the readers through giving him/her an overview of the effect of employee empowerment on employee performance and organizational output. The mangers can follow the process of empowering while they will practice it. It will also open an opportunity for researchers to do their research on any one of the effects or processes in future.