Consumer Learning through Online Purchasing During Covid-19 and Future Buying Behavior
Farhana Karim, Hasina Islam and Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology; Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

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Purpose: Covid-19 has fetched an unusual business environment across the world. This study aims to identify consumers' learning through repetitive online purchase during the Covid-19 pandemic situation and its impact on their future purchase and brand choice decision.Methodology: Data has been collected through online survey from the consumers who used to purchase online during the Pandemic and who purchased directly from the market or both. This study had a sample size of 212 people. Data from respondents were gathered through purposeful sampling. For testing hypotheses, the authors have conducted Pearson chi-square testing and chi-square test for goodness. Besides, few descriptive statistics have been calculated to make few concepts clear related to the topic.Findings: The results evident that consumers’ repetitive online purchase experiences during the pandemic situation significantly affect their post-pandemic purchasing behavior. This implies that consumers’ have learned from their experiences during the pandemic situation and they will apply this learning in their future purchase decision. In addition, consumers’ brand switch decision has a dependency on the experiences of the brands in the situation of Covid-19.Limitations: Secondary data related to this topic was very few since the issue was very novel on that time. Practical Implications: The findings also has a significant contribution to the management practices as well as to the society people. Future research can be done including more consumers in the study.Originality/Value: This work is completely novel. Most of the research have been conducted on consumers’ behavior during the Covid -19. No work has been done similar to this.