An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Organizational Climate and Employee Job Performance in Bangladesh
Mita Das, Md. Abir Hossain

University of Barishal

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Purpose: The paper investigates the effects of organizational climate (structure, perceived organizational support, reward, and warmth) on employee job performance. This paper provides insights into the organizational environment and employee job performance. Methodology: This paper examines the previous research to develop an original theoretical model, which is then experimentally verified in the context of the Barishal division using multiple linear regression techniques. An online survey utilized a self-administered questionnaire to collect 139 responses from private and government service holders. In addition, SPSS was utilized for data analysis.Findings: The findings suggest that organizational climate aspects moderate the association between organizational climate and employee job performance. The cross-sectional nature of this study inhibits the testing of causality between the variables. All the hypotheses have significant associations. The proposed model and hypotheses were tested using data from companies operating in a single division of Bangladesh. Practical Implications: The paper provides practical information to leaders and managers to understand which dimensions of climate should be improved to increase employee job performance. Originality: This study highlighted different organizational environment-related issues and their linkage with job performance. All the variables used here are vibrant and are arranged from previous literature. This will aid in determining the actual situation of the organization.Research Limitations: This analysis only covers some potential influences on job performance. Research models and estimations were tested using data from enterprises operating in a specific location, limiting the results to only the Barishal government and private sector.