Users’ Perception of Herbal Medicine in Bangladesh
Muhammad Ziaulhaq Mamun

East West University, Bangladesh

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Purpose: The research studied the users perception regarding different aspects of herbal medicine in Bangladesh. It provides the popularity, availability and affectivity of herbal medicine that would benefit both the consumer and the manufacturer. Methodology: The empirical study made use of primary data collected through a structured questionnaire that measured users perception regarding 19 specific aspects of herbal medicines. By using convenient sampling technique 157 herbal medicine users are interviewed. Findings: The study noted that the herbal medicine users prefer herbal medicine over other medicines, believed to use it in future, refer herbal medicine to others, and use it for chronic diseases. They witnessed that the herbal medicine has fewer side effects, made of natural ingredients, and is comparatively cheaper. They noted that the herbal products are easily available and accessible. They happily use it for common diseases and feel that the medicines should be available in public pharmacies. The users opined that the herbal medicines meet their expectations, makes fast recovery, as well as content with the knowledge of the practitioners. Practical Implications: The research gave insight about the marketability, popularity, and customer retention regarding herbal medicine. The overall positive perception signifies an opportunity for the marketers of herbal medicine in Bangladesh. Originality: Herbal medicine is a globally recognized medication formula. The practice of herbal medicine in Bangladesh is deeply rooted, consistent with our culture, and has flourished vastly. This study is a value-addition in this field. Limitations: The absence of sample frame made it a little difficult to choose the respondents. Also, accessibility is a problem in the study.