The Interactions and Effects of Cyber Bullying on Physical Wellbeing and Academic Success and Achievements: A Study on Female Students of University
Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Bushra Rahman Zarin, Md. Alamgir Hossain and Rafia Akhtar

Faculty of Business Studies, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University

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Purpose: The study was an endeavor to find the effects of cyber bullying on female students in their health and education. Additionally, to assess the degree of cyber bullying, nature of cyber bullying, knowledge and awareness cyber bullying and finally find some ways to eradicate the consequences of cyber bullying in university. Methodology: A well-structured questionnaire survey was conducted among 375 female students. Two portions in the questionnaire are demographic characteristics and student bullying questionnaire. The second portions includes: Cyber bullying 8 items, Symptom Experience 5 items, Education success achievement 8 items. The data were analyzed using SPSS: 24. Some inferential statistics were used for analysing the data like factor analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, regression analysis. Findings: The present study reveals that cyber bullying, symptom experience, and education success achievements are moderately correlated. The model of the summery study suggests that cyber bullying infer symptom experience and education, success and achievement. Practical Implications: Female students of this university are facing these acute issues which are creating psychological problem and academic performance barrier. The study suggests awareness to victims, students, teachers, administrations, policymakers, and concerns to address and eradicate the serious issues. Originality: This study is a first endeavor in the sampled university and one of the very few in the country. This study finds that great rate of cyber bullying in university context on female students are occurring. Limitations: The study only confined to only one university. The self-reported questionnaire data were collected.