Md. Rubel Alam

Lecturer, BUFT


Md. Rubel Alam is a Lecturer in the Department of Knitwear Engineering (KE) at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT). Prior to joining BUFT, Mr. Alam worked successfully as a production Technologist at Talha Fabrics Ltd. (An Enterprise of Noman Group) for more than one year. Mr. Alam earned a bachelor degree from Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET) bearing a good result and completed his post graduation (M. Sc. in Textile Engineering) from Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX).  

Within his 06 years of teaching experience at BUFT, he served as course coordinator of the undergraduate curriculum committees and was a member of the outcome-based education syllabus committee of the undergraduate Knitwear Engineering program.

Aside from teaching, he has published some scholarly works in peer-reviewed international journals. Mr. Alam also presented his research at a good number of national and international conferences.

Mr. Alam was the member secretary of the first International Conference of Textile, Apparel, and Fashion (ICTAF), which was organized by BUFT. Mr. Alam is also the co-coordinator of the Research Projects & Activity group of BUFT. He is also a reviewer for the Textile Research Journal, which is published by Sage along with some peer-reviewed journals. He is now working on a government project funded by Bangladesh's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Mr. Alam has gained knowledge about biomedical technology innovation and transformation through his professional experiences, education, and research background in natural polymers embedded biomaterials for tissue engineering applications, and he wishes to contribute to engineering design, regulatory affairs, and ethical practice.

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Teaching/Research Specialization

Major research fields are-



Tissue Engineering

Medical Textiles

Surface Modification of Textile Fabrics

Sustainable Green Production, etc.


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