Department of
Apparel Manufacturing & Technology (AMT)

Department of Apparel Manufacturing & Technology develops in the students the ability to make intelligent business like decisions with prudence. The program offered by the department focuses on strengthening of key technological functions of apparel industry and understanding of industrial engineering and ergonomic techniques. The emphasis is on production, planning, control and management practices applicable in the apparel industries.

The continuous interactions with the industries and visits to leading manufacturing units not only create an enriching learning environment for the students but also widen the horizons of their experience. Equipped with competent technical knowledge, the students are able to anticipate and address the concerns and issues of the emerging manufacturing principles.

The program offered by the department fundamentally aims to enhance the students’ perception of the commercial environment and matching them with professional understanding of manufacturing technology, marketing and management principles related to apparel industries.

Mission Statement

To educate our graduates with the required competence of process optimization, research and product development and industrial management in the fields of apparel manufacturing technology and allied textile sectors, so that they can participate in the social, moral and economic developments of our nation through academics, research and technological innovations.

Career Pathways

Career pathways for graduates on Bachelor of Science in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology program are Teaching, Merchandiser, Supply Chain Manager, Factory Manager, Production Manager, R&D Manager, Planning Manager, Country Manager, Washing Manager, Entrepreneurs, Apparel Technician, Product Developer, Sample Developer, Garment Technologist, Pattern Master, Quality Controller, Welfare Officer, Wash Technician, etc.

Knowledge and skill in knitwear manufacturing, fashion design, textile engineering along with the learning from interdisciplinary minors and the general electives chosen, shall further increase the scope of becoming a multifaceted professional in various segments of apparel, textile and fashion industries.

Program of Study

The Department of Apparel Manufacturing & Technology has adopted a format of Majors, Deepening Specializations, Minors and General Electives. Academic Majors are the academic disciplines or program related courses which undergraduate students formally complete. Students are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of a part of their core majors through a Deepening Specialization, which will give them a further edge in specific industries. Interdisciplinary Minors provide individuated pathways that would permit students to acquire interdisciplinary skillsets and opt for a set of subjects that complement studies in one’s major or explore an unrelated area of intellectual interest. General Electives are offered to the students to help them enhance their personality and develop interests in specific areas like personality development, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and professional ethics etc.

Increased industry interaction for students through classroom projects, internships and part transaction in industry environment is the focus of the restructured curriculum. The contact hours have been recalibrated to around 24 hours per week, giving increased time for practical sessions, studio practices, group works and self-study to the students. Standardization of credits across all programs and all semester has been undertaken.

B.Sc. in AMT (Code: 101)

Students who choose Bachelor of Science in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology (B. Sc. in AMT) program as their field of study can specialize in the study area of apparel product development, construction and in apparel business management.

Studies in apparel products development focus on cotton products, menswear, womenswear and childrenwear. Students acquire comprehensive insights and skills in all fields of apparel construction, such as prototype pattern design, stenciling, style construction and correct fit. Courses in production planning and control, ISO & compliance, ergonomics, with a particular focus on the special features of the apparel industry, prepare students ideally for executive management positions in the fields of apparel construction, apparel product manufacturing and apparel business management.

Profile of the program
  • Name of the Degree: Bachelor of Science in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology, abbreviated as B. Sc. in AMT
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Courses Start: Spring (January) & Fall (July) each year
  • Standard time to attain the Degree: Four years (eight semesters, six months each)
  • Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 in a scale of 4.00

This program trains young technologists and professionals for the highly diverse and versatile range of technical and business administration tasks in the apparel industry. Studies also focus on specialized fields of apparel manufacturing production techniques and processes. This knowledge is complemented by offering extended studies in fields of business administration and ergonomics. A knowledge of quality management, cost accounting and specialized IT systems rounds off the students' skills and competencies.

The program consists of eight academic semesters and a total of 145 credits. Each semester is subdivided into modules from the fields of: Majors, Deepening Specializations, Interdisciplinary Minors and General Electives. The degree program is completed with an 8-week internship which the students do in a company, followed by the production of a Bachelor's Thesis (Final Year Project).

Subjects Taught

B.Sc. in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology consists of:

# Study Areas No. of Courses Credits Percentage
1 Majors 35 80 55.18
2 Deepening Specializations 07 18.5 12.76
3 Interdisciplinary Minors 07 15.5 10.68
4 General Electives 13 31 21.38
Majors (extract)

Introduction to Textile Science

Introduction to Fashion & Clothing Studies

Field Trips (Factory Visits)

Sewing Technology

Clothing Materials & Store Management

Dyeing, Printing & Finishing

Apparel Production Process and Details

Patterns - Bodice & Variations

Communication Techniques in Apparel Business

Basic Garment Construction

Cutting Room Technology

Fashion Marketing

International Trade & Transaction

Pattern Grading & CAD (Lectra & Gerber)

Apparel Production Engineering

Special Fabrics & Finishes for Apparel

Industrial Management

Sourcing & Negotiation Techniques

Application of Computer in Apparel Industries

ISO, Compliance & Safety Management

Clothing Comfort

Supply Chain Management

Product Development & Re-engineering

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fashion Retailing & Visual Merchandising

Research Methodology

Final Year Project

Industrial Training & Comprehensive Viva

Deepening Specializations (extract)

Advanced Garment Construction

Apparel Quality Management

Sewing Machine Engineering & Attachments

Advanced Apparel Quality Management

Industrial Garment Washing & Care Labelling

Apparel Production Planning & Operations Management

Apparel Merchandising Management

Interdisciplinary Minors (extract)

Elements of Design & Fashion Illustration Lab

Fabric Structure & Analysis

Testing of Textiles

Fully-fashioned Knitting Techniques

Cut & Sew Knitting Techniques

General Electives (extract)

Basic English



Bangla Bhasha

English Communication & Composition


Bangladesh Studies

Principles of Accounting


Organizational Behavior


Accreditation of the Program

The syllabus for B.Sc. in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology has been designed by reunion textile academics as per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, accordingly has been verified and approved by the proper authority nominated by the UGC.