Sourcing & Product Development

Within the framework of Product Development, “Continuous improvement” and “Creativity” are our two key concepts. User of new products and their application in day-to-day life along with the latest technological innovations, all call for both Quality and a high degree of flexibility. We ensure that the customer of the future should be accessible with this philosophy of Product Development and our constant endeavour is to ultimately satisfy him with his fast changing present day needs.

In this context, sourcing of raw materials for an innovative product/s assumes greater importance, and we provide the right kind of technical solution to the customer through various sourcing possibilities such as cotton and synthetic fibres, filament yarns, cotton and blended yarns and new high tech / high performance fibres, yarns and fabrics for any kind of new product development for the textile and garment industry.

  • Fibre / Yarn and Fabric
  • Fabric Sourcing (Cotton / Manmade / Fibres / Synthetic and Filament)
  • Continuous Improvement