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Faculty at the university articulates the expertise & dynamism that inspires the students to realize their full potential. BUFT faculty employs critically engaged teaching practices while testing its relevance through a wide range of projects and contexts. Students enhance their knowledge and develop their talent by working with the faculty on various real life projects gaining invaluable knowledge, experience and awareness on design application, manufacturing principles, engineering philosophies and industry dynamics. In the recent past, faculty and student teams have undertaken varied research and consultancy and training projects. BUFT faculty is the strategic enabler in transforming the vision of the university into reality.

Trained at some of the leading universities of international repute, the faculty brings to the classroom professional capabilities, wide exposure and years of hands-on industry experience. Engaging in masters and doctoral studies, the faculty is committed to grow in their profession.

The faculty constantly upgrades their knowledge & skills, creating a stimulating learning environment for students. Faculty paper presentations in the international circuit, participation in seminars & symposia of high repute enable world class academic discourse and knowledge transfer. The strategy shaped by the faculty aims at a distinctive ability to create an influential research-intensive environment. Effectively playing at the pathfinder’s role, the faculty pool is working towards enhancing the research profile of the university, fostering a new generation of ‘leaders of the future’.

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