BUFT Celebrates Make Smthng Week.

  • 2 years ago
  • Dr. Md. Hasan Ikbal
In this current world, we are producing and consuming too much – from fashion and tech to food, single-use plastic, toys and cars. MAKE SMTHNG Week (Nov 23-Dec 2 2018) is a week of action where we bring people together to gain first-hand experience of making more out of what we already own – by sharing, caring, repairing, upcycling, pimping and swapping fashion, food, tech and toys.

This year worldwide 50 countries hosted nearly 380 events with fun and creative workshops to trigger a cultural change where people will change their everyday behavior. Being resourceful and creative with what we already own should become the new normal, a shift away from the consumption of ready-made products towards a more active, skillful and creative way of living. In return, we will benefit from greater happiness and satisfaction - it’s been proven that doing stuff with our hands, being mindful about our daily life and connecting with others heightens our well-being, as opposed to the short-lived buzz off buying something new.

BUFT Students has made a Map of Bangladesh by using all the thrown-away materials from their regular class activities and Permanent campus construction site. Their goal was to create awareness about reusing, repairing around the campus. These activities make their internal bonding stronger and gave them the confidence to work together in future, as they said.
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