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Information for new students

Dear students!

We are very pleased to welcome you to the Department of Fashion Design which runs under the Faculty of Fashion Studies (FFS) of BUFT..

Wishing you a successful beginning of your study!

Important Information

Please find below the brochure for freshmen, academic calendar as well as the handbook for the prospective students. We request you to go through the handbook carefully to gather relevant information regarding the course of your study, department and faculty and other important areas.

Modifications in the students' handbook are possible. We will always upload the updated one here (see timestamp on the first page).

To remain up-to-date, please look it up regularly, especially before new semester starts.

  • Brochure for freshmen
  • Academic Calendar
  • Students’ handbook

Classes Start

Please note: No registration is necessary!

All courses you are going to attend in first semester have already been advised.

You are not allowed to change any of them under any circumstances whatsoever. Please enter the students’ management software and get your class schedule. For more information concerning the courses and class schedules please ask the program coordinating officer.