How can BUFT play its role in developing the fashion industry in Bangladesh?

  • 22/05/2022
How can BUFT play its role in developing the fashion industry in Bangladesh?

The development of fashion media has accelerated fashion communication, resulting in an exponential proliferation of enticing imagery circulating between brands, models, online influencers, and enthusiasts. For Bangladesh to go forward, it requires more people who are up to date in this field.


Fashion consumption has increased, workers' working conditions remain unacceptably poor, and the fashion industry faces complex and demanding challenges, including resources, climate change, waste, working conditions, and income inequality. This is why new and modern fashion study is the only way to keep the industry forward.


Bangladesh must have highly skilled people who can express innovative ideas and know the current developments and trends. To make skilled human resources in the fashion industry in Bangladesh, BUFT attempts to provide students with modern education in the fashion and textile industry. So let's learn how can BUFT plays its role in developing the fashion industry in Bangladesh.


How can BUFT play its role in developing the fashion industry in Bangladesh?


BUFT Preparing the best human resources.


The education system and lab with new textile technologies help create human resources for the country's fashion industry. A classroom with a projector and sound system gives students a world-class education environment to get the knowledge that will benefit them in the future. There is also seating, lighting, and a central air conditioning system that is suitable for studying. The University offers a complete set of facilities and infrastructure that ensure students' comfort. The students can broaden their minds and learn new things. BGMEA has top-of-the-line lab facilities for students at the University of fashion and technology. Students can test fabrics on actual fabrics, design, manufacturing, material process and much more, which helps them get a real working knowledge in the fashion industry. Students will gain hands-on experience and become experts in their respective fields through participation in workshops.


 A variety of labs are available to BUFT students, including the latest RMG & Textile labs, computer labs, computer-aided design labs, and product development labs. Equipment and laboratory machinery include sample dyeing machines, thermos dyeing machines, and high-quality textile, electronic, and electrical hardware. 



BUFT Sharing Innovative ideas, and they have regular contributions to the Fashion industry.


Students at BUFT benefit from high-quality teaching and learning complemented by industry-standard facilities through live projects, industry placements, and other lectures taught by industry professionals. The Univerity encourage students to invest more in research work and become creative in the Fashion and Textile field. The BUFT Journal publishes original, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and internationally recognized scholarly work. This has a great impact on improving the fashion industry in Bangladesh. Students and faculty collaborate on problem-solving projects. 


BUFT Journal publishes papers on the latest technological advances, processing techniques, modelling techniques, and traditional textiles and the Fashion Industry applications. Furthermore, it discusses textile issues in Bangladesh, such as industrial engineering, production theories, labour unrests, working conditions, salary, and gender equality. Students and faculty are encouraged to explore new ideas and developments in different fields. Additionally, this opens up new avenues for researchers to publish in international journals.



Collaborative program and participating fashion events


The BGMEA university of fashion and technology arranges different events and seminars for the students to gear up their knowledge. Not only that, the University encourages students to participate in fashion contests. The objective is to provide students with a platform to showcase their creativity on an international stage. Professionals from all over the world attend these events and help students make the right career choices. Student and faculty groups organize events for collaboration and take about new ideas and concepts.


Encouraging new generations and promoting them


BUFT always encourage the student to promote new ideas and innovations. Students can connect with their seniors through the student alumni association at BUFT. Thousands of students have passed out of the University over these years. Students can work on a new concept and take advice from the seniors and faculty. The BUFT students serve the country in different sectors.


Students can find opportunities, guidance, support, and a sense of belonging through the alumni association. Also, it can help students choose a career path, choose a location abroad, and choose the right way to meet their goals.


Role in the fashion industry development in Bangladesh


Education plays an important role in transforming practices in the fashion industry. BUFT influence the curriculum and the learning of the students. The goal of BUFT, whether in design or business programs, is to provide students with knowledge, skills, and techniques that will enable them to conduct research, cut patterns, construct garments, communicate fashion or balance the books. Until recently, fashion education was linear, and little or no thought was given to the afterlife of fashion products or the impact of fashion production. Now, the situation is different. A new approach is needed. BUFT offers value to the fashion industry


       Developing creative human resources

       Encouraging new fashion Ideas

       Solving problem

       Providing a platform for the fashion enthusiasts

       Improving the fashion Industry

       Creating skilled people in the fashion and textile industry

       Providing world-class fashion education and much more




Final Words


World fashion education faces an existential question as fashion students become increasingly aware of environmental and social issues. Brands will be impacted by its response, with major implications for the next generation. And this is why our country needs a modern and innovative education curriculum in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, BUFT has created opportunities to expand the skilled and creative workforce of the Bangladesh fashion industry.