BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology Diversified Career Preparation for The Future Career Goal

  • 01/02/2022
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology Diversified Career Preparation for The Future Career Goal
Attending university is often considered a pathway to a promising career. Still, it is also a unique opportunity to understand yourself and consider how you can benefit and grow personally from it. Many students find themselves at a crossroads after graduation. To help students, BGMEA University of fashion & technology has designed its curriculum and activities, which allows them to take a diversified preparation for their future career.

As we all know, Bangladesh has regained its position in the RMG export market. In March 2012, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) was established to develop human resources for Bangladesh's readymade garment, textile, and allied industries. To serve the nation, this university aims to become a center of excellence for study, research, and development. They have created their academic and practical curriculum so that students can fit into the current job market and secure their future.

Here in this article, we will take a deeper look at their course and teaching style so that everyone can understand the facts more clearly. So let’s begin!

BUFT Provides Career-Focused Curriculum

In Bangladesh, there are about 4500 garment manufacturers and 1000 buying houses. To produce Bangladeshi garments, thousands of highly skilled workers are needed. RMG looks for qualified employees, and BUFT is ready to provide them.

The majority of BUFT students hold important positions in the RMG sectors. Many of them are pursuing their careers overseas. They strive to provide good-quality education so that their students become experts in their field. The university has developed a career-focused curriculum to teach students how to apply multidisciplinary concepts, tools, and techniques to solve organizational problems.

The courses of BUFT cover many topics, including socio-cultural studies, personal development, professional ethics, and incorporating subject experts. It involves encouraging an exploratory culture, developing skills for the job market. A detailed learning strategy is outlined for each semester and subject for the students of BUFT.

BUFT Teaching Method That Assists Students Build Better Career

The academic transaction technique at BUFT provides students with a holistic understanding of the subject, context, and environment and the ability to innovate and adapt. In addition to assignments, exams, group projects, and self-study, the BUFT experience also includes practical workshops and studio practice. It also offers a fully immersive learning experience to build a strong career.

For students interested in learning beyond the regular curriculum, floating credits are also available. The students can choose from a variety of interdisciplinary minors. Students can take specialization courses to gain more insights into specific major areas and become more competitive in specific industries and job markets. In addition to building their future careers, the skills and knowledge acquired will benefit them in the workforce of the fourth industrial revolution.

World-Class Lab Facilities That Train Students For Future Jobs

The advance of technology opens up new opportunities for students. The new curriculum includes live classroom projects based on industry briefs. BGMEA University of fashion and technology offers students some advanced lab facilities that provide real-life work experiences and help them fight the current job market.

In addition, the university creates student engagement with industry through institutionalizing industry visits, participation in exhibitions, and participation in competitions and seminars.

Career Sessions And Seminars To Choose the Right Path For the students

Unlike some students who know exactly which path they want to take, others may require help. As part of your student's education, BUFT organizes Career Day sessions to help them discover their ultimate career while learning about future jobs.

Students learn about the many career paths available to them in these workshops. By examining current and future job trends, students will explore their interests and determine how they may translate into successful employment outcomes.

A variety of events are organized by the BGMEA university of fashion and technology

Students can learn more by attending seminars. Professionals from across the country and overseas attend these events and help students choose the right career path. In addition, the students and faculty arrange different events to collaborate.

BUFT can connect with its seniors through its strong student alumni association. The BUFT students serve the country in different sectors. The alumni association also helps students and provides proper guidance to strong careers. You can improve your university networking and your networking among university alumni to increase your confidence to make career and academic decisions.

How BUFT Offers Diversified Career Preparation

Take a look at how BUFT courses/curriculum will help identify ways universities work towards your career goals.

  • Create bridges between the knowledge gap between the curriculum and the latest industry trends.

  • Training backed by industry experts helps students make the right decision in every sector.

  • Syllabus aligned with industry trends and standards that prepare students for the future job market.

  • A team of highly qualified and certified faculty with decades of experience that help to increase knowledge in every aspect.

  • The Job Training (OJT) makes them industry-ready from day one of course completion.

  • Courses focus on practical works that help students to gain real-life working knowledge.

Final Words

Students at BUFT are provided with excellent teaching and learning through professionals. Students involved in live projects, industry placements, and lectures from leading professionals in the RMG and Textile industries. Besides, career sessions, an updated syllabus, practical and technical teaching help students meet their future goals. Thus BUFT is contributing to the advancement of the youth generation of Bangladesh to a level that is world-class.