How BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology enhances your skill to enter the fashion Industry

  • 12/04/2022
How BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology enhances your skill to enter the fashion Industry

How BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology enhances your skill to enter the fashion Industry


Earn your desired Bachelor's Degree in the fashion and textile industry


A fashion enthusiast who wishes to become a successful fashion designer should get admitted to a fashion design college. And BUFT designed graduation courses to make you ready for the industry. Studying fashion and textile-related courses at BUFT will help you gain a broad understanding of the fashion industry.


Gain Practical knowledge


Fashion is unfathomably an adorable form of art. Your BUFT course will provide you with knowledge of the fashion industry with modern lab facilities. The experienced faculty members share their knowledge and experience practically to help the students understand the fashion industry.

You will be able to determine Your Area of Expertise


Don't try to do everything and be a master of nothing. While deciding on a career in the fashion industry, select your area of expertise judiciously and pursue it professionally. During the courses, you will learn how to determine your area of interest and become an expert in that field.


Establishing a quick decision-making mindset


Bangladesh's fashion and textile industry is a billion-dollar industry and an impressive form of art. World-renowned fashion designers have explained that learning the business aspect of the fashion industry is necessary for their success. BUFT's fashion courses in fashion and textile engineering are designed to give you a better understanding of how to run a successful business as you learn new and inventive ways to market your brand and make it stand out to build a quick decision-making mindset.




A best Fashion Design Institute is the perfect place to brush up on your skills. BUFT offers a range of facilities and experienced faculty to help you succeed in your field. Throughout your fashion career, you'll learn and experience innumerable new things, which will further assist you in building your career.


Build Strong Connection


If you make the right contacts early on, it'll be very beneficial in developing your career in the fashion industry. BUFT's strong alumni can help you contact the best contacts in the fashion industry. You can start meeting and communicating with people from the fashion industry while still a Fashion Design student. You also can be flexible with paid or unpaid internships as it will help you develop experience in the field.

Keeping Up With The Trends


The fashion industry is undergoing rapid changes. With every passing season, the industry offers something new. Keeping up with the global trends is very important for aspiring students. BUFT always updates the education curriculum and facilities and appoints skilled and experienced course instructors. 


BUFT Fashion Industry Faculty

Faculty of Fashion Studies (FFS)

Department of Fashion Studies


This four-year degree is designed to provide students with the conceptual and practical skills needed to become proficient in fashion design and transform their conceptual skills into finished garments. This course aims to enhance creativity and allow students to apply creative thinking to practical problem-solving.

Description of the course


Name of the Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies, abbreviated as B.A. in Fashion Studies


No. of credits: 161


Language: English


The standard time to attain the Degree: 4 years (8 semesters, six months each)


Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 on a scale of 4.00


Dept of Fashion Design & Technology


Through its fashion design and technology program, the department prepares students for a career in the highly competitive ready-to-wear fashion sector of the fashion industry by ensuring that graduates have the necessary combination of creative, technical, intellectual, and communication skills. The department offers both graduate and undergraduate programs.

Course description


Name of the Degree: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology, Master of Science in Fashion Design & Technology, abbreviated as M. Sc. in FDT


Language: English


Courses Start in Spring (January) & Fall (July) each year.


The standard time to attain the Degree: 1.5 years (3 semesters, six months each)


Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 on a scale of 4.00


Six-month certification Course in Fashion Design and Technology


You can also join the short certification course in fashion design and technology. Join a community of over 1500 students at our institute alone. All degree programs are taught in English. There are many collaborative agreements and working relationships between BUFT and universities worldwide and companies at home to help you prepare for roles in today's globalized economy.


Career Options


Students who complete their education in BUFT will be competent to pursue careers as fashion designers, design studio managers, fashion Illustrators, product developers, sample developers, pattern and style designers, quality assurance managers, retailers, fashion merchandisers, and visual merchandisers all over the world.


Why BUFT is a great place to explore your career opportunity?


Students at BUFT are provided with a holistic understanding of the subject, context, and environmental context and the ability to innovate and adapt. Students also participate in practical workshops and studio practices as part of the BUFT experience. The new curriculum includes live classroom projects based on industry briefs so that students can build strong careers. BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology offers students some advanced lab facilities to gain real-world experience and prepare for today's competitive job market. Students can .earn the best education with


       Up to date course curriculum

       Lab facilities

       Experienced instructors

       Live projects

       Regular career sessions




BUFT provides excellent teaching and learning through professionals. The courses include teaching and helping students meet their future goals in the fashion industry. Get a world-class education in Fashion studies at BUFT and build your career.