Degree in Environmental Science in BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

  • 26/04/2022
Degree in Environmental Science in BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

Degree in Environmental Science in BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology


BUFT was set up to develop technically competent human resources for our country. Under the science faculty, BUFT provides an opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree in environmental science.


A fundamental purpose of environmental science is to study and understand naturally occurring and human-caused processes in the environment. Researching and investigating complex environmental issues permits students to develop and enhance essential skills such as thinking critically, solving problems creatively, and thinking creatively. In this particular article, we will look at what BUFT degree in environmental science at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology offers.


Importance of Environmental Science Study For Our Society


Describes how to use resources sustainably


Sustainability is a crucial element of environmental studies. These studies in environmental science offer a rare chance to understand better our planet and how we can best take care of it. Further, natural resources are rapidly depleting in soil, air, and water areas. Studying environmental science can help save ourselves and the future by preserving nature.


Provide emphasis on environmental development


In environmental science, the aim is to avoid stream pollution and re-education the general public about how important recycling is to preserving our resources.

Environmentalism aims to direct development toward sustainability using data-driven planning models. To preserve resources for future generations, we need to use all available resources efficiently.

Enhances creativity


In the field of environmental science, the focus is to understand and study the natural processes of our environment and those induced by humans. Environmental scientists can develop and advance theories about how and why things happen in our environment by conducting research, investigation, and modeling. This is one of the biggest reasons environmental science is a renowned subject worldwide.

Help to Save the world from destruction


Creating a sustainable future requires a deep understanding of how humans interact with their environment. People have abused and exploited the environment for years and have caused environmental degradation worldwide.


What do environmental science degrees cover?


Environment science is expected to grow by 11 percent by 2026, making it the fastest-growing profession worldwide. Consider a career in environmental science if you want to help protect the environment.


The Bachelor of Science program at BUFT provides students with a systematic understanding of the earth's environment's origins, evolution, and future development. Through applying biological, ecological, chemical and management perspectives, students learn how to solve problems related to environmental pollution, environmental protection, and sustainable development. When we face a rapidly changing environment, the importance and relevance of the subject have also increased in the current circumstance.



Entry requirements for environmental science degrees


The department of Environmental Science at BUFT offers a bachelor's degree program in environmental science. The University has kept all the admission procedures as simple as possible for the students. To admit for an environmental science degree, students must meet the requirements. They must get a minimum GPA in secondary and high secondary degrees or equivalent diploma degrees. After completing all the essentials, they can admit themselves to the environmental science department of BUFT. To know the process, you will need to contact the admission office.


Course structure and assessment methods


Name of the Degree: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, abbreviated as B.Sc. in ES.


Language of Instruction: English


Number of credits: 135


Courses Start in Spring (January) & Fall (July) each year.


The standard time to attain the Degree: Four years (eight semesters, six months each)


Minimum grade to attain the Degree: 2.50 on a scale of 4.00


The program includes subjects from the fields of ecosystem ecology, environmental chemistry and biology, geomorphology and geographic information system, soils and sustainable water resources, management and remediation of potential pollution sites, environmental management, and impact assessment, causes and responses to climate change and other global environmental issues, ocean, forest and river ecosystems and the interactions of humans with them make up the critical parts of the program.


Common skills gained from an environmental science degree


With a degree in environmental science, you will gain a broad understanding of issues and challenges facing the environment locally, nationally, and internationally. As a result, you will better understand how humans interact with the environment. You can develop:


       Thinking creatively and solving problems

       An ability to develop arguments from the standpoints of science, ethics, and philosophy

       Data collection, analysis, and reporting skills related to complex environmental data

       Skills in analyzing environmental data in a laboratory

       The ability to communicate both verbally and in writing, along with the ability to present

       Through experience working in different environments, flexibility to adapt to various situations has been developed

       Statistical and measurement techniques enable the development of numerical and IT skills

       Managing time, planning, and projects



How BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology enhances these skills?


At BUFT, students learn about subjects, their contexts, and environments while being innovative and adaptable. The BUFT experience also includes workshops and studio practice and assignments, exams, group projects, and self-study. Floating credits are also an option for students who wish to learn beyond the regular curriculum. World-class facilities, experienced faculty members, lab facilities, and research options make BUFT one of the best universities in Bangladesh. The University provides the extract environment you need to build your career; the modern education curriculum and practical study help you develop your dream career.


Career opportunities for environmental science graduates


The environmental industry continues to grow each year, giving graduates of our program a variety of career options. If you complete the degree in environmental science, you can open up thousands of career options worldwide. It is estimated that the environmental industry generates billions every year. As the population of our country increases, so are the doors to the environmental sector. Students pursuing an environmental science degree often pursue the following careers:


       Water Conservationist

       Environmental Planner.

       Policy Analyst

       Energy Manager

       Sustainability Consultant

       Environmental Scientist and Researcher

        Environmental chemist


        Environmental geologist


        Environmental health officer


Why BUFT is a great place to explore your career opportunity?


With its world-class education system and facilities, BUFT is a great University for students. BUFT's faculty and students focus more on finding real solutions to real problems than any other university. Result-oriented research is the hallmark of the University. The students and teachers in different research fields successfully solve real-world problems. The student of the University gains fundamental knowledge of situation solving. This helps them to shine later in their career. Besides, the University arranges career seminars; alumni get to gather to provide the perfect direction to build each student's career.


A large number of students from the University are involved in technical studies. Students can use the advanced lab facilities at the university to solve problems with practice and application. Through the lab, students can use a hands-on approach to learning. The success of BUFT students can be attributed to this approach.





The environment continuously affects us, both positively and negatively. Every day, we interact with our environment to meet our needs. We live, eat, and breathe it. Environmental science plays an essential role in keeping the planet's ozone layer clean. This is why there are more opportunities in environmental science than you would expect. BUFT environmental science study provides the correct direction for you to build your career in this field.