The mission of the Office of the Registrar of BUFT is to facilitate the educational process by assisting students, faculty, and staff by providing:

  • A welcoming and encouraging service environment, in person and via other modes of contact;
  • Accurate and timely processing of data related to course offerings, registration and academic records;
  • Support and advice regarding academic policies and procedures;
  • Data to a variety of constituents, in support of the academic decision making process;
  • Security and privacy for the university’s academic records, including advice and training for faculty and staff on privacy issues;
  • Leadership in the areas of technological development as related to student administrative services and systems.

The Office of the Registrar supports the overall educational goals of the university by providing these critical components in the academic support structure. The office acts as a behind the scenes facilitator for faculty, students, and staff as they pursue the academic goals of the university.

Administrative Notice
EID Holiday Notice

Office of BUFT will remain close from 11 August to 15 August 2019 on Account of Holy EID-Ul_Azha & National Mourning Day

Holiday Notice on account of 21st February

Holiday Notice on account of 21st February

Displaying ID Cards in the Main Campus

To ensure general discipline and security in the Main Campus area, all students of BUFT must hang their ID Cards with immediate effect. Please be informed that henceforth, the students will not be allowed to enter the campus area and attend classes without displaying ID Card.