Career Development Centre

The objective of BUFT’s Career Development Center is to help the students build suitable career in the growing areas of RMG Sector. CDC team advises students with practical knowledge and ethical ways of managing situation in professional environment. BUFT has inducted a number of students to different organizations such as Beximco, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Viyelletex, Shanin Group, DBL group etc.

The salient tasks of the center are as under:

Job Search: The center assists graduates search and find suitable jobs either immediately after graduation or over a period of time. Different companies contact and drop their requirement for different posts through email and mail.

Show Guideline: The center contacts with the interested students and takes a mock interview and provides important tips to the students before facing the professional interview.

Job Placement: Finally the center places and recommends the students to different organizations according to their need. Thus, it works as a link between the Institution and the Industry.