Message from VC

I remain grateful to Allah swt for the divine blessings by which the Honourable President and Chancellor, Md. Abdul Hamid, appointed me to the position of Vice Chancellor. Thanks are also due to the Board of Trustees for forwarding my nomination and to all concerns for their support.

I expressly mention here the Founder Chairman, Muzaffar Uddin Siddique, not merely as formality, but for his tireless dedication, which forms the backbone of this university.

I am especially indebted to BoT member and my longtime acquaintance of over 40 years through Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club, Salam Murshedy, for proposing my candidacy.

Such an appointment is challenging to effectuate because of the expectations of the nominating authority. As an active and trained Scout Leader and a Baden-Powell Fellow, I can only assure everyone involved of my commitment to ‘do my best’ to bring about a positive change in the University, which has so successfully graduated from an institute of repute to an institution of promise.

In delegating my responsibilities, my driving force has always been ‘truth and fairness’, which often conflicts with self-interest and humanitarian bias, predicaments we shall collectively try to overcome.
Building ‘goodwill and better friendships’ among students, teachers, officers and staff shall continue to form the foundation of BUFT family and the operation of an effective Alumni Association.

Any decision on my part shall be based on the principle of ‘benefits to all concerned’ within the rules, codes and morals that govern us.

As a Major Donor Rotarian, I reiterate my dedication to service, to maintain a high ethical standard, and to make efforts to further dignify this university by enhancing greater understanding among all concerns.

Pray our students shall mature to serve as worthy citizens, our teachers shall remain the lighthouses of this fraternity, our officers shall continue to steer the ship, and our staff shall deliver with due diligence.

May Allah swt bless you all, always.

Architect Prof. Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed
B.Arch, M.Arch, PhD, post-doctoral research
Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor,BUFT

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