Message from the Pro-VC

RMG industries need an uninterrupted supply of skilled manpower and also should concentrate on research which will be able to design appropriate projects, diverse value added products based on strong market research, operate and maintain core and subsidiary plant/ machineries of state-of-the-art technology in an efficient way, ensure quality and in time delivery of goods, improve productivity to minimize cost of production, establish compliance and to motivate employees into a positive workforces.

 Education is the best means of changing society for the betterment of the country. The need for skilled manpower has increased dramatically in recent years due to faster changes in technology and rising competition from all over the world. Competition has been rising from the liberalizing polices being adopted by the world trade organization’s initiatives, known as globalization the process opens opportunities for human beings to that are sold all over the world at competitive prices.

Engineers and managers are under constant pressure of time, Cost and maintaining the quality of products, their manufacturing and marketing have to be achieved within a short period. Thus Engineering and Technology professionals are now on demand. Besides engineering and technology skills, they must possess leadership and managerial capability. Keeping this fact in view BUFT has designed B. Sc and Master. Emphasis is given on developing analytical skills as well as application of those skills along with requisite technical competence so that graduates are technically trained and sufficiently flexible to deal with unpredictable future technical & managerial problems.

 Our aim is to give good educational training to our students so that they can show their competence and excellence in the practical field. BUFT has rich library and state-of-the-art Garment & Textile, Laboratories. It also has well equipped computer laboratory with internet facilities and computer aided Design laboratory. We have qualified well experienced full time faculty members having higher degree from reputed foreign universities. Renouned experienced teachers from Dhaka University, BUET, BUTEX and professionals from the national and international Business houses are engaged in BUFT as adjust faculty. It is also important to point out that BUFT has collaboration with foreign university like Niderrhein University of Applied Science – Germany, London College of fashion (LCF) – U.K, National Institute of Fashion & Technology – India and Technical University of Liberec – Czech Republic. Efforts are being made to have educational collaboration with Manchester University MMU, U.K, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Australia.

I whole heartedly welcome the students who have become members of the BUFT. You, as students get benefits from our excellently geared and ideally interlinked collaboration with business and industry. Our faculty members are not only familiar with science and academia but also have extensive professional experience and practice. These highly qualified experience team are capable to decimate their Knowledge to the students in order to extend horizons and open up new prospects and perspectives. I must mention, in particular, the generous help and cooperation that we have been receiving from the benevolent and philanthropic members of the Board of Trustees of BUFT whose commitment to the institution is indispensible. We appreciate their guidance in maintaining quality education and achieving our goal. I gratefully acknowledge the cooperation that we have received in our humble efforts from the honorable chairman of Board of Trustees. I must not forget to acknowledge the cooperation of guardians and the students.

I thank all the teachers’ officials and staff of the University for their hard and dedicated work for the smooth growth of this University.

Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan

Pro Vice Chancellor , BUFT

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