B.A. (Hon’s) in English

Objectives: The Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature (B.A. English) is a four-year course designed to study a diverse range of literary works which have challenged and shaped our conceptions of society, culture and art over the years. The programme focuses on both theoretical and critical approaches to understand the structure and use of English language in particular. It concentrates on the study of literary periods, genres and theoretical issues to explore literature as an artistic medium and also an intellectual discipline. Students are expected to acquire a high level of communicative competence in the use of English as well as various skills in writing and textual analysis to enhance their professional and personal goals.

To obtain B.A. Honours in English Language and Literature, students have to earn a total of 132 credits divided in 08 semesters from a combination of different courses offered by BUFT.


Name of Program: B.A. Honours in English

  • Total Credit: Full-Time (132 credit hours program)
  • Duration: Four Years (08 Semesters of six months each, i.e., Spring and Fall)
  • Eligibility Criteria: As per UGC prescribed rules of admission to undergraduate studies.
  • Number of Seats: Depending on the physical and teaching facilities available, to be determined by the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences of BUFT from time to time.
  • Grading Policy: As per UGC approved grading policy.
  • Passing Grade and Graduation Policy: Minimum passing grade for B.A degree will be CGPA of 2.50 in a scale of 4.00. The degree requirement must be completed within 07 (seven) years.

Complete List of Courses for   B.A. (Hon’s) in English

(Courses are arranged according to the Semester)

Sl. No Subject Code Course Title Credits
1 Eng-1101 Listening and Speaking 3
2 Eng-1102 Critical Reading and Writing 3
3 Eng-1103 Introduction to Poetry 3
4 Eng-1104 Introduction to Linguistics 3
5 Eng-1105 European History 3
6 Eng-1106 Viva-Voce 1.5
7 Eng-1201 Introduction to Prose and Drama 3
8 Eng-1202 Old and Middle English Literature 3
9 Eng-1203 Shakespeare 3
10 Eng-1204 Phonetics and Phonology 3
11 Eng-1205 Introduction to Anthropology 3
12 Eng-1206 Viva-Voce 1.5
13 Eng-2101 16th and 17th Century English Literature 3
14 Eng-2102 Restoration and 18th Century Literature 3
15 Eng-2103 Romantic Literature 3
16 Eng-2104 Syntax and Morphology 3
17 Eng-2105 Introduction to Bangla Literature 3
18 Eng-2106 Viva-Voce 1.5
19 Eng-2201 Victorian Literature 3
20 Eng-2202 Literary Criticism-1 3
21 Eng-2203 English for Professional Purpose 3
22 Eng-2204 Psycholinguistics 3
23 Eng-2205 Introduction to Philosophical Thoughts 3
24 Eng-2206 Viva-Voce 1.5
25 Eng-3101 World Classics in Translation 3
26 Eng-3102 Introduction to American Literature 3
27 Eng-3103 Literary Criticism 2 3
28 Eng-3104 Pragmatics 3
29 Eng-3105 Sociolinguistics 3
30 Eng-3106 Viva-Voce 1.5
31 Eng-3201 Twentieth Century English Poetry 3
32 Eng-3202 Twentieth Century English Drama 3
33 Eng-3203 African and Caribbean Literature 3
34 Eng-3204 Twentieth Century American Prose and Drama 3
35 Eng-3205 English Language Teaching (ELT) 3
36 Eng-3206 Viva-Voce 1.5
37 Eng-4101 Twentieth Century American Poetry    3 3
38 Eng-4102 Twentieth Century American Novel 3
39 Eng-4103 Indian literature 3
40 Eng-4104 Introduction to Critical Theory 1 3
41 Eng-4105 Testing and Evaluation 3
42 Eng-4106 Viva-Voce 1.5
43 Eng-4201 Twentieth Century English Novel 3
44 Eng-4202 Australian and Canadian Literature 3
45 Eng-4203 Introduction to Critical Theory -2 3
46 Eng-4204 Research Methodology 3
47 Eng-4205 Syllabus design and Curriculum 3
48 Eng-4206 Viva-Voce 1.5
    Total 132