MSc in Fashion Design

Introduction: BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) Offers B.Sc. in Fashion Design & technology Degree after the completion of four years long study period with 136 credit hours compulsory courses. M.Sc. in fashion Design is an 18 months (03 semester) period graduation course with 36 credit hours compulsory courses. M.Sc. course includes 38 credit hours theoretical and practical courses which included research works. A dissertation or thesis to be made from the research works, which would be equivalent to internationally recognized master Degree thesis or dissertation. Competent graduates will be developed after obtaining Master Degree from BUFT.

Objectives: M. Sc. in Fashion Design is 18 months (03 semester) course designed for students to acquire conceptual and practical skills of fashion designing and to transform their conceptual skill into finished garments. This course will enhance creativity and provides opportunity to transform creativity into practical problem solving. To acquire M.Sc. degree a student has to earn 36 credits from a combination of different courses offered by BUFT. After successful completion of this program students will be professionally competent to choose their career as Designer, Design Studio Manager, Fashion Illustrator, Product Developer, Sample Developer, Pattern Maker, Quality Assurance Manager, Retailer, Merchandiser at home and abroad.

Admission Requirements: All applicants for admission to the M. Sc. in Fashion Design programme must satisfy all the admission requirements laid down by the University, hold an honours Degree in Fashion Design & Technology or equivalent degree from a reputed University, present a portfolio which will be assessed and accepted by the Admission Interview panel during an in-depth, personal interview on the applicant’s level of understanding of the industry they envisage joining or have joined, their maturity, their appreciation of design issues and trends. A written rationale for their individual selection will also be included in the final selection of applicants to the M.Sc. All candidates must be fluent in English with IELTS at 6 or complete standard acceptable English courses as a prerequisite, before starting the course.


Name of Program: M.Sc. in Fashion Design

Total Credit: Full-Time (36 credit hours program)

Duration: 18 Months (03 Semesters of six months each, i.e., Spring & Fall  )

Eligibility Criteria: As per UGC prescribed rules of admission to undergraduate studies, i.e , Minimum CGPA 2.50.

Number of Seats:  Depending on the physical and teaching facilities available, to be determined by the Faculty of Fashion Design & Technology of BUFT from time to time.

Grading Policy: As per UGC approved grading policy.

Passing Grade and Graduation Policy: Minimum passing grade for MFD degree will be CGPA of 2.50 in a scale of 4.00. The degree requirement must be completed within 4 (Four) years.

Complete List of Courses for: M. Sc. in Fashion Design

                                            (Arranged in Semester wise Order of the Course)

Sl. No Subject Code Course Title Credits
1 ART 5101 Fashion Illustration III 3
2 TEX 5101 Textile Design and Technology 2
3 CAD 5102 Computer Aided Design -II 3
4 GMT 5101 Apparel Manufacturing 2
5 KNT 5101 Knitwear Design &Manufacturing 2
6 FAS 5202 Fashion Design Collection 3
7 FAS 5204 Fashion Style and Forecasting 2
8 BUS 5201 International Retailing System 2
9 CSE 5202 E-Fashion III 2
Total 21
Any one of the following courses *
10 PAT 5202 Advanced Pattern : Men’s Wear*  




11 PAT 5204 Advanced Pattern : Lingerie*
12 PAT 5206 Children’s Wear *
13 PAT 5208 Advanced Pattern : Women’s Wear*
Total 3
14 FAS 6102 Fashion Design – Dissertation 6
15 FAS 6104 Fashion Design – Portfolio 6
Grand Total 36