MBA in Apparel Merchandising

Objectives: MBA in Apparel Merchandising is a unique program which is a two- year course designed to provide the students with a sound foundation in the technology and managerial aspects of apparel manufacturing. To acquire MBA degree a student has to earn 63 credits from a combination of courses offered by BUFT. After successful completion of this program a student will be professionally competent to choose his career as Quality Assurance Manager, Sample Room Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Engineer, Merchandiser, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Compliance Manager in the RMG sector at  home and abroad.

Admission Requirements:
• Graduate or equivalent degree with minimum CGPA-2.50
• Maximum 21 credits course waiver for BIFT/BUFT student depending on CGPA
• Provision of Special course waiver for other University student depending on CGPA
Class Schedule: 3 days in a week: Friday (9 AM-12 PM, 3 PM-6 PM, 6 PM-9 PM) and two other days at evening (6 PM-9 PM).

Tuition Fees:

Tuition Fees:

Year Semester(six months) Tuition Fees (Tk.)
1st Year 1st Semester 82,100
2nd Semester 62,500
2nd Year 3rd Semester 62,500
4th Semester 73,600
Total 280,700

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

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