M.Sc. in Textile Engineering

Program Objectives:

This program aims to prepare the student for challenging technical work and research in equal measure. The program is designed to give students a scientific understanding of different processes and techniques involved in textiles and thus ultimately to support the textile industry to take on in-house applied research and development in order to develop new processes and products, which will provide a competitive edge to the textile manufacturers at home and abroad.

After completing  the program, students will be able
1.1  to demonstrate and apply broad technical knowledge of textile materials, processes and applications, including both basic materials and manufacturing engineering theories and methods, and significantly deeper knowledge of the design, construction, manufacture and adaptation of advanced textile products.
1.2 to demonstrate deeper technological and methodological knowledge within at least one such field of textile engineering, as well as a deeper insight into current research and development work.
1.3 to describe and apply basic knowledge of the textile waste management, resource efficiency, sustainability and quality.

The course is particularly aimed at facilitating useful skills to students wishing a career in any of the following fields:

  • Textile technology in the rapidly developing new areas of textiles
  • Product development technologists in the emerging specialist fields of advanced textiles
  • Technical consultancy
  • Education and training
  • Academic research in advanced textiles

Mode of study:

Teaching takes place in the form of lectures, exercises, laboratory sessions, seminars and project work with individual supervision.

Program Structure

  • Name of the Program:MSc. in Textile Engineering
  • Total Credit: Full-Time (38 credits)
  • Course Duration: One Year and six months (03 semesters of six months each, i.e. Spring and Fall)
  • Studentship Duration: Three (03) years.
  • Eligibility criteria: Minimum CGPA of 2.50 on a scale of 4.00.
  • Number of seats: Depending on the physical and teaching facilities available, to be determined by the Faculty of Textile Engineering of BUFT from time to time
  • Grading policy: As per UGC approved university grading policy.
  • Passing Grade and Graduation Policy: Minimum passing grade for Master degree will be CGPA of CGPA of 2.75 on a scale of 4.00. The degree requirement must be completed within 4 (four) years.

Degree  :Master of  Science in Textile Engineering