Graduate Program

MBA in Apparel Merchandising is a unique program which is a two- year course designed to provide the students with a sound foundation in the technology and managerial aspects of apparel manufacturing. To acquire MBA degree a student has to earn 63 credits from a combination of courses offered by BUFT. After successful completion of this program a student will be professionally competent to choose his career as Quality Assurance Manager, Sample Room Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Engineer, Merchandiser, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Compliance Manager in the RMG sector at  home and abroad.

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) Offers B.Sc. in Fashion Design & technology Degree after the completion of four years long study period with 136 credit hours compulsory courses. M.Sc. in fashion Design is an 18 months (03 semester) period graduation course with 36 credit hours compulsory courses. M.Sc. course includes 38 credit hours theoretical and practical courses which included research works. A dissertation or thesis to be made from the research works, which would be equivalent to internationally recognized master Degree thesis or dissertation. Competent graduates will be developed after obtaining Master Degree from BUFT.