Certificate in SWM

Certificate in Sweater Merchandising
The objective of this course is to impart greater knowledge and understanding of the technology of Fully Fashioned Knitwear (Sweater). After successful completion of the course a participant will be able to acquire managerial capacity and practical knowledge required for sweater merchandising.

The duration of the course is 6 months with 120 hours of theoretical & practical class. Students can enroll either in day or evening shift. There will be two classes per week of 3 hours duration. Course fee is Tk. 35,000.00 (Taka thirty five thousand) payable in one installment at the time of admission. Students are admitted twice in a year; one in January-June semester and other in July-December semester.

Topics :

Global scenario of textile & clothing;

  • Introduction to apparel industry & various departments;
  • Introduction to merchandising & quick response merchandising;
  • Textile fiber & yarn; Knitted yarn production and properties;
  • Basic principles of sweater knitting; Knitting machine and elements;
  • Production technology for fully fashioned knitwear; various knitted structure & notation;
  • Garment analysis and time study; Production calculation;
  • Knitwear style & design techniques; Basic design concept; Design chart;
  • Latest development of knitted materials & recent fashion trends;
  • Apparel products analysis-Fabric evaluation;
  • Quality level-desired & implementation; AQL and final inspection;
  • Care instruction, textile testing; Knitting fault analysis;
  • Productivity & waste control;
  • Potential sourcing & forecasting; order negotiation; Purchase order;
  • International trade & commercial transaction; Import export;
  • Freight calculation-air & sea;
  • Calculating fabric consumption for Fully Fashioned Knitwear; Costing & Pricing of Knitwear.

Admission eligibility :Graduate or equivalent degree or H.S.C or equivalent with 5 years working experience.