About Us

BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) is a prime University of Bangladesh aimed to produce technically competent human resources for the RMG sector of the country. It was functioning from 1999 named as BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology (BIFT) with the affiliation of National University. The University was set up in March 2012 Under the private university Act 2010. BUFT is offering 2 year MBA degree course in Apparel Merchandising and 4 year B.Sc. courses in Apparel Manufacture & Technology, Knitwear Manufacture & Technology and Fashion Design & Technology, Textile Engineering, Textile Management, Bachelor of Business Administration along with 1-year Diploma courses in Apparel Merchandising, Apparel Manufacture Technology and Apparel Engineering & Production Planning. Besides, it is also conducting 6 months certificate courses in Woven Garment Merchandising, knitwear Merchandising, Sweater Merchandising, Fashion Design Technology, Quality Control & Compliance in Apparel Industry, Production Management, Enterprise & Resources planning and 3 months short courses in Sewing Machinery Maintenance, Computer Aided Design, Modern Dying-Printing & Finishing Technology, Pattern Cutting, Production Management. The MBA and B.Sc. courses are governed by the rules and regulations of BUFT approved by UGC.

The aim of BUFT is to produce versatile and resourceful practitioners with scientific, technological and social knowledge and equip them to overcome the challenge of the 21st Century with the following Specific objectives:

Our aim is to develop BUFT as an international standard institute of Apparel, Fashion Design, Apparel Merchandising, Textile Technology and other allied areas such as leather and accessories design, fashion modeling, fashion photography, fashion marketing etc. BUFT strengthen the Bangladesh export oriented RMG, textile and other allied industries by providing technically skilled human resources. To provide technical assistance in all aspects of Garments Manufacturing, Designing, and marketing of the local Garment, Textile, Apparel and allied industries. To keep close contact with the students and employers to fulfill their intellectual and creative needs. To create opportunities for development and training of the employees and staffs of the RMG, Textile and allied sector. To establish and maintain close links with the similar local and foreign institutions to encourage exchange of staffs and students.

The construction plan of the permanent campus initially on a 5.4 acres of land. Within one year of inception of BUFT, construction of permanent campus started, on a land of 5.4 ACM in where a state of Art building is almost to finish. It is planned that education activities will commence from the permanent building from the month, March 2017. Once operational, the new campus will have a total accommodation of 400,000 square feet. The building consists of a state of art Library, Auditorium, modern class rooms, a Swimming pool, Gym tennis courts, cafeteria and many more for the Faculties and Students. There will be a 10 Rooms Guest House on the roof top of the building to accommodate foreign visiting dignitaries and faculties.

MOU was signed to promote and strengthen its academic, training and research activities with a view to achieving international Standard. BUFT students has opportunity to study with our education partner Universities in EU, UK. CHINA, Australia, India & Korea.