Rayed Barkat

Assistant Professor & Head, Dept. of Fashion Studies, BUFT

About Mr. Rayed

Rayed Barkat currently holds the position of Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Fashion Studies at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT), Bangladesh.

Rayed Barkat completed his M.Sc. from The University of Manchester, UK in International Fashion Retailing (Multi-channel Marketing). He is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Equity & Merit Scholarship” from The University of Manchester, UK. He also completed M.Sc. in Fashion Design from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT). He has completed his B.Sc. in Fashion Design & Technology from the then BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology in Fashion Design & Technology (BIFT) and presently BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology in Fashion Design & Technology.

Rayed Barkat joined the BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) in 2014 after working in the fashion industry for several years as a designer in notable brands such as Yellow. Along with that, he has an active participation in the international community regarding sustainability in the fashion industry. He has participated in numerous international collaborative projects, Namely ‘Local- International’ in 2016 which deals with innovation in sustainability in the fashion industry in collaboration with reputed universities such as Berlin University of Arts, Germany and Wisensee Academy of art, Germany. Furthermore, he was a participant in the ‘Copenhagen Fashion Summit’, world’s leading initiative regarding the sustainability in fashion industry in 2017. He is also a trainer for the “Working with Women “Project in Collaboration with SNV.

Rayed Barkat has almost eight years of experience in the field of industry, teaching and research. He has great interest in research in the field of Sustainability in fashion and the fashion business and the social impact of Fashion etc.

Publications (Most recent)

[01]. Exploring the Factors Influencing Adoption of M-Commerce for Fashion Products in Bangladesh. 2018. International Journal of Advanced Research and Review (IJARR), Volume 3 Issue 3 pp. 61-90.

[02]. Development of new concept funnel green marketing strategy for textile and garments industry of Bangladesh.2018.BUFT Journal, Volume 3, pp.


[01]. Solo exhibition titled “All About Jute” in Dreek Gallery, Dhaka showcasing innovative product design consisting primarily of jute in November 2013.

[02]. Exhibited collection titled “ Back to the Roots” in Berlin, Germany in October 2016

[03]. Critical Making: Contemporary Fashion Practices, Online Symposium Exhibition in August 2020.