Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan

Associate Professor & Head, BUFT


Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan – an academic and researcher - has been serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh since September 2019. He received his PhD under a fully funded research scholarship (CMPRS) from Curtin Graduate School - an AACSB accredited school in Curtin University of Technology, Australia. His doctoral thesis focuses on consumer behavioural intention in Coastal tourism setting. Earlier, he pursued an MPhil degree - thesis that dealt with consumer attitudinal behaviour in tourism destination marketing. As well, he completed an MBA and BBA specialized in Marketing from the University of Rajshahi.

Dr. Kamrul has been working as an academic for over 15 years at the university level. As well, he has obtained Industry experience through, consulting and a full-time job. Alongside teaching, he carried out vital administrative responsibilities as a Controller of Examinations, Head of the Department, and the coordinator of different projects consecutively. Dr. Kamrul intends to build an integrated research-teaching career. He has over a quite number of academic publications in various peer-reviewed reputed index journals in national and international academia. He also reviews journal articles and academic proposals pertaining to marketing, tourism, and consumer behaviour indexed in ABDC, Scopus, and Inder Science. Besides, as a Resource Person, Dr. Kamrul also conducts research workshops on various advanced research methods, especially CB-SEM and PLS-SEM with AMOS and SmartPLS software for the young researchers at the university level.

Dr. Kamrul believes his  integrated academic, administrative, and managerial experiences prepared him to efficiently perform academic, administrative, and research  responsibilities in any dynamic and modern academic environment.

Teaching/Research Specialization

Dr. Kamrul specializes in Marketing and Tourism & Hospitality Management. His research interests and agenda are in the areas focusing on consumer behaviour in social and digital marketing, coastal-based tourism, community-based tourism, pro-poor tourism, coastal-based tourism, adventure tourism, and religious tourism, and risk perception aspects of tourism destination marketing.

Dr. Kamrul's proposed research endeavor is to develop a comprehensive framework to assess and understand tourist risk behavior in coastal-based adventure tourism settings, formulate strategies for local community-based micro and small enterprises' engagement in coastal areas, and find out ways to connect coastal tourism benefits and resources with the SDGs that will promote sustainable coastal tourism management practices and benefit the local community, the travel and tourism industries, and the tourism-based economy as a whole.

Dr. Kamrul's knowledge, experience, skill, and future effort to work in the desired field will prepare him to contribute to the body of knowledge in the better understanding of tourists' behavior, stakeholders' involvement, and sustainable coastal tourism management, which is an area of the academic, economic, and governmental significance of the country.


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