Md.Shamsad Hasnine

Assistant Professor, BUFT


As an Assistant Professor of the department of Fashion Design and Technology, Md. Shamsad Hasnine oversees research conducted to address the conflicting phenomena of sustainability and fashion business. Md. Shamsad Hasnine has almost Fourteen years of experience in the field of fashion education. He also worked in several garment manufacturing company including M&J group, where he worked as a denim designer.

During his tenure as an academic in BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT), he participated in various international fashion projects, workshops & conferences in Germany, Austria & China. One of those projects called the “Local International” – a joint project between consortiums in Bangladeshi university and German universities (WieBensee Academy of Art Berlin, Universität Kunstey Berlin) contributed in Bangladeshi Fashion education most, where he worked initially as project coordinator for four years. The major aim of this project was to raise awareness for sustainable design and production strategies, fair-trade, and improving working conditions in the textile industry. This project helps him to start sustainable design course in undergrad level at BUFT, which helps fashion designing students from Bangladesh to learn about ethical part of fashion system. 

In 2016 he participated in IFFTI annual conference where he presents one of his sustainable footwear projects and a fashion film “Heal the world”. Furthermore, in 2016 he participated in a panel discussion as a panalist in the ‘Take Festival’- arranged by Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and Austrian Fashion association. He also worked as official expert at National Skill Development Competition in 2019 for the Fashion part in Bangladesh.

Besides Fashion academia he has numerous contribution in Bangladeshi fashion retail. Bangladeshi Fashion Retailer's (Some of the renowned factories have started to link forward from factory to retail, setting up their own brands) subsequent expression of interest towards sustainable fashion and mainstream fashion, led him to find additional work as a design consultant for two newly developed local brands-Sailor & Twelve since 2016. 

Mr. Shamsad’s background includes an MA  in Fashion Design and B.Sc in Fashion design and Technology.He published research paper on "Consumer’s understanding about sustainable fashion" and “Experimental project on Zero waste fashion” in reputed international journals.

Research Interest: Sustainable design, Circular design, Product innovation, Consumer’s psychology about fashion, Fashion retail business model, and wearable technology.


     1Speaker at 3rd International Conference on Textile and Apparel ICTA, 2018, Dhaka

     2. Design Presentation at IFFTI annual conference 2016 titled-” Cultural Revival”, Beijing, China

 3.“The Take- Festival for Independent Fashion and Art-2016” arranged by - Austrian Fashion association and University of Arts, Vienna; Austria- Participated as panelist at panel Discussion.


1.  Local International-3, Organized by- Goethe-Institut, wieBensee kunsthochs chule Berlin and Universität der Künste Berlin Venue: Designtransfer, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2018

2.  Local International-2, Organized by- Goethe-Institut, wieBensee kunsthochs chule Berlin and Universität der Künste Berlin Venue: Designtransfer, Berlin, Germany in 2016

3. Local International-1, Organized by- Goethe-Institut, wieBensee kunsthochs chule Berlin and Universität der Künste Berlin Venue: Designtransfer, Berlin, Germany in 2015

4. Young Designer’s Expo 2008, Venue- Gallery Dots, Gulshan-2, Dhaka.

Fashion shows:

1.     BUFT Annual show 2019-, titled- The beginning (coordinator), Venue: BUFT Multipurpose Hall, Dhaka.

2.     AWF night 2011 (Design coordinator, Designer), Venue: Shilpokola Academy,Dhaka

3.     BATEXPO 2007, (Designer) ,Venue: ShonargaonHotel,Dhaka

4.   Folklore Fashion Festival 2006 (Designer), Venue: Redfort, Uttara-7, Dhaka

Ethical Fashion Film: 

Teaching/Research Specialization

  • FDT 4104 Sustainable design
  • PAT 3202 Collection Development
  • FDT 4202 Portfolio presentation
  • PAT 4102 Fashion Design III (Final dress submission) 
  • Wearable Technology


[1]. Exploring the consumer understanding towards sustainability is a key concept to unveil the mystery of fashion business

[2]. An experiment to create zero wastage clothing by stitching and slashing

[3]. IFFTI Conferences Paper. 26th March,2015 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing, China. Sub Theme: Sustainable design. Intangible Cultural Heritage, Title: Heal the world