Disciplinary Sanctions for Violations

  • 5.1. Academic Dishonesty
  • The faculty member shall have initial jurisdiction over cases of academic dishonesty.

  • 5.1.1. In such cases, the matter can be handled at an informal hearing between the student and the faculty member to adjudicate the cases with either of the following two sanctions should the student accept responsibility for the violation:
  • (i). A failing grade (F) may be assigned for the work in connection with which the violation occurred.
  • (ii). A failing grade (F) may be assigned for the course in which the violation occurred.
  • 5.1.2. Should the faculty member so desire, he/she can refer the case to the Head of the Departmental who can then adjudicate the case with either of the above two sanctions.
  • 5.1.3. In any case where the student dose not accept responsibility for the violation, and/or social misconduct is also involved in addition to the incident(s) of academic dishonesty, the Department Chair shall refer the case to the Disciplinary Committee based on a written complain made by the faculty member.
  • 5.1.4. Faculty member(s) may also make the written complaint directly to the Chairperson of the Committee.
  • 5.1.5. In addition to the above sanctions, any one or more of the following sanction(s), mentioned under clause 5.2. below can be imposed on the student following hearing by the Disciplinary Committee.

  • 5.2. Violation of Regulations
  • The range of official sanction that may be recommended by the Disciplinary Committee for violation of regulations (both academic and social) shall comprise of the following disciplinary sanctions:

  • 5.2.1. Disciplinary Warning
  • (i). Disciplinary warning is a notice to the student that his/her conduct was questionable and that future beaches of conduct will be treated more severely.
  • (ii). The warning may be issued verbally or in writing but shall become a matter of record in the student’s file.

  • 5.2.2. Disciplinary Probation
  • (i). Disciplinary probation removes a student form good disciplinary standing.
  • (ii). The status of disciplinary probation is assigned for a specific period of time.
  • (iii). Though the student will be allowed to continue with courses at the University, disciplinary probation status may affect qualification for some awards, prizes or student financial aid and/or impose some conditions or tasks to comply.
  • (iv). Violations of the conditions of probation will result in further sanctions based on follow-up proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee. Disciplinary probation status and the conditions of the probation as set forth by the Disciplinary Committee shall become a matter of record in the student’s file.

  • 5.2.3. Loss of Privilege
  • Loss of privilege is the withdrawal of a privilege, use of a service or participation in an activity for a specific period of time consistent with the offense committed and the rehabilitation of the student. Loss of privilege may be imposed separately or in addition to any other sanction(s).

  • 5.2.4. Disciplinary suspension
  • Disciplinary suspension is an action that excludes the student form registration,class attendance, participation in the University events and activities and use of University facilities for a specified period of time. In case the student is currently attending courses she/he will be allowed to finish the semester without prejudice. Disciplinary suspension will then start from the following semester for the stipulated period of time. If the student has voluntarily refrained from registering for the semester during which the Disciplinary Committee hold its hearing, that semester will not be counted within the stipulated period of Disciplinary suspension. Disciplinary suspension becomes a matter of record in the student’s file.

  • 5.2.5. Disciplinary Expulsion
  • Disciplinary expulsion is the permanent withdrawal by the Vice Chancellor of the student’s privilege of registration, class attendance, use of University facilities, and participation in the University activities and events. Disciplinary expulsion is recorded in the student’s file.

  • 5.2.6. Restitution to the University
  • Restitution requires a student to pay for damages to or misappropriation of University property or the property of members of or visitors to the University. Such restitution shall be charged to any student who alone, or through group activities, organizes or knowingly participates in the events causing such damages or costs.

  • 5.2.7. Temporary or Interim Suspension
  • Such a sanction requires that the student leave the University campus immediately. It may be imposed upon a student by a Department Head (Academic) or the Chairperson of Disciplinary Committee, should s/he have reasonable cause to believe that the student is an immediate threat to the safety of persons, property or to the essential functions of the University. The officer enforcing the rule must notify the Disciplinary Committee in writing by the next working day for subsequent action. Any summarily suspended student who returns to campus during the period of interim suspension shall be subject to disciplinary dismissal or disciplinary expulsion. Any student who is summarily suspended will be required to stay off the University premises till an official hearing is conducted by the Disciplinary Committee. The hearing normally shall be held within 5 (five) working days of the notice of suspension.

  • 5.2.8. Authorities to take disciplinary action with their respective powers to the extent to which they can impose punishment on any student or group of students are:
# Authorities for taking Disciplinary Action Power Appellate Authority
1 Disciplinary Committee
  • 1. Warning
  • 2. Imposing Fine
  • 3. Suspension from University for any length of time, and
  • 4. Expulsion from University for good
Academic Council
2 Vice Chancellor
  • 1. Warning
  • 2. Imposing Fine
  • 3. Suspension up to 2(two) years from University
  • 4. Expulsion from University for good
Disciplinary Committee
3 Head of the Department (On student of his Department)
  • 1. Warning
  • 2. Imposing fine up to Tk. 1000